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Peek Inside The Office Of Donwan Harrell Of PRPS (It Looks Pretty Much Like We Thought It Would)

Donwan Harrell of PRPS was put under the lens when photographer Jake Davis came in to photograph his office. The photographer commented, “Donwan Harrel has a cooler office than me.” That about sums it up! Packed with vintage jeans, Japanese denim glossies, collectible Kewpie dolls in denim outfits and a plethora of Americana memorabilia, this is one office we wouldn’t have a hard time getting inspired in.

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Images via Jake Davis.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jan 09 2012 in Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy Review: Jake Davis

Today, Denim Therapy was happy to see that our services are well appreciated.  Jake Davis, of Jake Davis Films, recently had his A.P.C. New Standard jeans go through some Denim Therapy and although Jake is still working to repair his broken heart, his beloved jeans, on the other hand, made a full recovery.

Thank you Jake for the beaming kudos and as always, Denim Therapy is here to mend any broken denim, but a heart?  Well, we’ll have to leave that to the Dr. Phil’s of the world or what I would do personally, go through a pint of coffee Haagen Daz ice cream and put “Cry Me a River ” on heavy rotation.

Jake’s Post:

If only a broken heart could be mended this well… If you remember back in December I posted a three year old pair of blown out A.P.C. New Standards. As with anything that’s broken in your life I was a little unsure what to do. You guys said they needed to get repaired. They were just too good to throw away.

So I looked to the comments and decided that Denim Therapy was the place to go. I’m a sucker for clever names. I’m so glad I chose them… The founder Francine Rabinovich is a genius craftsman. She’s incredibly nice and was plenty accommodating to my dilemma. I sent them off and a few days later they came back fixed with a kind note. I was absolutely blown away out how amazing they look and how thorough a job was done. Please click on the above photos for a closer look. This is truly an art form. So if you have some damaged goods Denim Therapy is your place to go. Now if there was only a place for this darn broken heart of mine… Sigh…

Coldplay – Fix You

For more of Jake, go to Jake Davis Blog

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Posted Mar 09 2010 in Denim Therapy
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