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Denim Therapy Featured in Glamour


Denim Therapy Featured! InStyle Magazine

Denim Therapy’s expert denim repair services were featured in the August 2013 issue of InStyle Magazine!

“Don’t just patch ripped jeans. Restitch them entirely! The skilled tailors at reconstruct the original denim weave with cotton thread in a weight, color, and texture that match your pair exactly. Services start at $4 per half inch with a $12 shipping fee. Resewn pants are returned in just two to three weeks.”

denim therapy repair fix jeans instyle

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Denim Therapy Featured In November’s InStyle Magazine

Denim Therapy’s expert denim care advice was featured in the November issue of InStyle Magazine! Our founder Francine Rabinovich reveals the best way to wash jeans and reduce fading:

“Typical jeans, no matter how dark or light, are dyed with indigo. Like paint, indigo eventually chips off. Minimize color loss by turning your pair inside out before tossing them in the washer. The major exception is coated denim, which should never come near a laundy machine (it breaks down the finish). Soak it in lukewarm water with a few drops of Woolite, rinse, then air-dry.”


—DT Staff

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Jump On The Waiting List For The Mih Jeans Skinny Marrakesh in Joplin

A much anticipated take on an existing Mih Jeans favorite, The Skinny Marrakesh in Joplin from pre-spring is set to land in about two weeks. The chic mid-rise skinny kick flare jean was just recently featured in InStyle Magazine, and promises a figure flattering fit with its 5-pocket silhouette and gorgeous contour. You may recognize it—after all, it’s an update on the jet front pocket Marrakesh style that’s been a best seller for the brand. They’re perfect as in-office denim, equally adequate for a night out on the town. Get on the waiting list so you’re notified when it becomes available! And don’t wait, these baby blues will be scooped up before you can blink.

mih jeans skinny marrakesh joplin

Skinny Marrakesh_Pre-SS12 Style Guide

Get on the waiting list for this style now!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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