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Eco Denim: Industry of All Nations Debuts Clean Jeans For Men in Yellow

For Spring 2012, Los Angeles-based Industry of All Nations (IOAN) presents their Clean Jeans for men in yellow. As with all the clothes from IOAN, they employ local artisans in India who are experts in the dyeing process. Here’s a description of what you can look forward to:
“These hand-loomed selvedge jeans are made of 100% organic cotton and naturally dyed. IOAN’s dye house, located in Southeast India, employs a natural process with plant pigments and insect resins that eliminates the use of petrochemicals and offers no contamination to the soil and waterways. To achieve this sun yellow color, IOAN used the pigment obtained from the Terminalia Chebula plant. These jeans will not bleed any more than a regular pair of jeans. The buttons and rivets are also nickel-free.”

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The Clean Jeans in yellow ($175) are available now at Industry of All Nations online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Mar 29 2012 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear

Industry Of All Nations Rethinks Production With Vibrant Sustainable Denim

When we first told you about Industry Of All Nations, we knew we were dealing with a rare breed. This is a brand born from the concept of utilizing deeply woven concerns for environment, community, and fair trade in their process. We knew there was something special about their gorgeous hand-dyed organic denim fibers, their nickel-free rivets, their electricity-free hand-looms… and their efforts at developing a sustainable denim industry in South East India. And after we had a chat with them at the Capsule trade show in NYC this past September, it’s obvious that this earth-conscious, community-rich concept is only the beginning.

On top of common sense, innovative products like their 100% natural African material-made sneakers or their biodegradable high-top espadrilles (hell, even their sold-out Panamericana chair has us rethinking what we’re sitting on), they’re releasing a line of beautiful hand-dyed colored denim skirts for spring 2012. When we previewed the line, it was presented alongside spring 2011’s hand-woven Argentinean cotton belts (dubbed the Faja—we scored one, and love it) and a range of men’s organic selvedge jeans. The denim, all made in India, was so rich in color and texture, it was obvious no typical mass production methods were employed in bringing it to life.

industry of all nations organic sustainable denim

industry of all nations organic sustainable label

industry of all nations organic sustainable mens

industry of all nations biodegradable shoes

industry of all nations biodegradable shoes

The spring 2012 denim skirts are all-natural, so there’s zero stretch. But whether your preference is a spandex blend or raw denim, you’ll probably agree that the styling possibilities for these beauties are off the charts. This collection is proof that sustainable, earth-conscious clothing with community roots is closing in on fashion-forward, and becoming indistinguishable in terms of aesthetic and styling potential. Industry of All Nations is helping this become a reality. Exciting, aint it?

Check out the full set below:


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Check out what Industry Of All Nations has in store for fall 2011 (hint, Alpaca sweaters and more men’s hand loomed organic selvedge denim in an amazing fall color story) and don’t forget to visit them on facebook.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Nov 07 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand

Industry of All Nations: Organic Selvage Color Denim

If you’re looking for the ultimate in all-natural, hand-loomed, 100% organic fair trade selvage denim jeans, then new fashion label Industry of All Nations (IOAN) is where it’s at.  You may have heard of this brand before, who has stocked shelves at finer boutiques across the country with their Oxford-inspired men’s espadrilles.  Color denim is the hot trend of the season.  Made with selvedge denim which has been dyed naturally, you’re getting a luxury jean without sacrificing conscience.


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A women’s denim collection is set to launch by Spring 2012.  More information can be found at Industry of All Nations online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted May 13 2011 in Denim News
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