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Jeans For Your New iPad

iBap - jeans for your new iPad.

Not!  Chicago illustration and design collective OhNo!Doom has posed the question: how will fashion change around our increasing addiction to and reliance of technology?  The iBap (iGotaBigAssPocket) concept sends “a message about the future of mobile devices and its portability by combining fashion with function… humorously.”

So far, the fashion world, for the most part, has functioned independently, with some exceptions, such as the mass-marketed Nike and iPod collaboration.  I wouldn’t put it past some denim designers out there to produce kangaroo-like back pockets for your jeans, or smart phone-friendly pockets that look cooler than the ones already available for some slacks.  Not sure the boss upstairs at Denim Therapy would be willing to add iPad pockets for your beloved jeans.  It might be denim abuse.

OhNo!Doom are a Chicago collective that combines our skills for a greater-good, like a Wu-Tang Clan made up of illustrators and designers. Pooling our resources, OhNo!Doom uses its weight and influence to give its memberartists increased exposure and opportunities. In addition to the collective??™s designer toy line, OhNo!Doom also operates a gallery space to showcase its members work as well as other artists, proving that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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