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Denim Therapy Repairs Around A Broken Belt Loop

Ever pull your jeans on so hard that the belt loop rips clean off? What if it takes some of the denim attached to it with it and makes a messy hole? It’s the worst! Luckily Denim Therapy has the know-how to repair your jeans right around those problem areas and make them good as new again. Check out this recent belt loop repair we did for a customer.


denim-therapy-jeans-belt-loop-repair (1)


denim-therapy-jeans-belt-loop-repair (2)

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Posted Feb 27 2013 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
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