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Today’s tip comes by way of Rawr Denim, assessing the crisis of jeans with odor. If the previously discussed methods of cleaning have not worked for you, you might give these two methods of cleaning raw denim a go.

How-To Clean Your Raw Denim via Vinegar Wash

1. Fill a bathtub with enough cold water to completely submerge the denim

2. Addabout 2 cups of white vinegar

3. Lay the pants flat and inside out

4. Agitate and flip several times over few hours of soaking

5. Rinse with cold water and hang dry (ideally outdoors)


How-To Clean Your Raw Denim via Oven Treatment
1. Preheat oven to 400°F and turn back to 175°F – 200°F

2. Flip denim inside out and fold to fit on center rack

3, Leave for 1-2 minutes and shut oven door

4. Remove from oven to cool down (fumes may exude from fabric)

5. Refold and reposition denim on rack for 1-2 more minutes; be mindful for denim not to scorch


In the Rawr Denim example, the jeans were not sufficiently odor-free after the vinegar soak alone, so they were put into the oven to be cured of stank.

“While this an extreme example that pertains to black sulphuric-dyed denim, the oven technique made scientific sense (i.e. sulphuric dye must be broken down into particles via heat exposure prior to being water soluble) and proved to be extremely effective.”

Rawr Denim also warns that the oven cleaning method is the most hazardous & dangerous way to clean your jeans, so proceed at your own risk!

Tutorial  & image via Rawr Denim.


—DT Staff



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