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Must-Know Tips For Buying Women’s Jeans

Going denim shopping anytime soon? If you’ve been feeling hesitant because denim shopping can be such an ego-blow, experience from hell, we don’t blame you. But we’re here to make it easier. We’ve got 5 tips from Donna Ida on buying jeans to ruminate over before you head out there into the denim jungle.

denim shopping guide donna ida

1. If jeans go on easily, go down a size. Kicking your way into the legs isn’t unusual.

2. Don’t be afraid to hem cropped jeans. People often think that if cropped jeans aren’t the right length then they’re not the jeans for them, but cropped jeans should be hemmed to fit properly, just like a bootleg or straight leg.

3. When buying jeans with super stretch, look for good quality denim that has great memory. The ‘memory’ is how quickly the denim springs back after wear.

4. When buying jeans with super stretch buy them firm but not overly tight. If you have ‘seam strain’ down the legs, they are possibly too tight and this could damage the stretch.

5. Look for white jeans with faux front pockets. If the style you choose has front pockets you can ask the tailor to remove them for a neater look.

Stay tuned for more tips!

—DT Staff & Donna Ida

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Posted Mar 14 2012 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Don’t Buy Jeans With Less Than An 8″ Rise

8 is the magic number! This is one tip we stand by with both feet firmly planted, but Lucky Mag is here to reinforce it why we have to be careful how many inches should be accounted for in the rise of your waistband:

“Don’t go too low: Steer clear of jeans with anything less than an eight-inch rise, especially if you don’t have six-pack abs. (The rise, by the way, is the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband.) If the top button is any lower than three inches below your navel, even the slightest post-lunch tummy pooch can look like a full-fledged muffin top, and who wants that? Well, someone, probably.”

…Well, even if someone does want that, we don’t want that for you. Heed the 8″ rule! And remember, high-rise doesn’t mean high-waisted, to the belly-button. See three of our favorite picks for high-rise jeans below.

high rise jeans avoid muffin top


Paige Denim High Rise Jeggings ($199) – buy it at Shopbop.

GOLDSIGN Virtual High Rise Skinny Jeans ($234) – buy it at Shopbop.

DL1961 Nina Super High Rise Skinny Jeans ($168) – buy it at Shopbop.

—Michelle Christina Larsen


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Posted Feb 27 2012 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Which Jean Pockets Are Right For You? 7 Tips To Make Your Butt Look Better

Jean shopping for fall? It’s time, isn’t it? But there’s the unending dilemma of finding jeans that fit, and that’s enough to deter some of us all together. Hark, Denim Therapy is here to assist! We can knock one element of the denim fit dilemma out the window so you can enjoy some autumnal retail bliss. Consider the following seven pointers when shopping for jeans if you’re worried about your back end (and really, who isn’t?):


1. Smaller pockets will make your butt look bigger.

2. Pockets angled outward will make your butt look wider.

3. Pockets angled too far inward are awkward looking, and morph the shape of your butt.

4. When the outer edge of the pocket reaches just below the side belt loop, and the pockets measure about 5 1/2 to 6″ in length, that’s a good standard for medium-sized women. (IE: Size 28-32)

5. Put them on and look at them! If you feel like the pockets are too tiny, they probably are.

6. Slightly oversized pockets can create a slimming effect. Double points for pockets with a wide flip closure on top.

7. Slight texture, like a stitched or embossed logo, can create interest that does not create a plumping effect, while too much texture is sure to make your butt look bigger.


Curious about the denim pictured above? They’re Frankie B. Jeans Studio Slim Bootcut Jean in Retro Blue. Buy ’em here.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Sep 20 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips
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