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Change is meant to challenge us and that is what fashion does best.  It is putting something on your body and walking out into public. As Margret Thatcher Ulrich said, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” The same goes for fashion history. You must be daring and have the ability to wear something that you once thought you’d never be caught dead in. In the height of the 90’s flared leg, I swore I’d never touch tapered pants, yet here I sit in my skinny jeans that are tucked into ankle boots. So here is my next challenging trend: heels and socks. I know what you’re thinking, but look at the pictures! It just works.


The contrasting colors, the sophistication of the heels paired with the unexpectedness of a peeping sock all creates this runway-worthy look. And it has been popping up in the latest Spring 2010 shows from the likes of John Galliano to Herm??s. Also seen sporting this look are my classmates at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where staying on top of trends is practically a competition. To change up the look, add cuffed jeans to this ensemble and you are ready to face this new fashion challenge.

 — Laura Kealey

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