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How To Get The Perfect Hem Length

When you take in your jeans to get hemmed (for instance, via our Denim Therapy expert hemming service!) be sure to bring a pair of shoes with you to wear when getting measured. Before your jeans go under the knife you’ll want to make sure the shoes you measure with are the shoes you’re planning to pair with the jeans (or at the least, a similar heel/lack of heel). This will take the guess work out of figuring out the measurement you’ll be happiest with.


Remember, for all your hemming needs, whether it’s a re-size or a repair, check out Denim Therapy’s expert hemming service.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jun 05 2014 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Prep Your Jeans For Our Expert Denim Hemming Service

Jeans need hemming? We can help, with our expert hemming service. If you’re mailing your jeans in or dropping them off so we can adjust them to the ideal length, there are a few things you can do to ensure the results make you squeal with delight. Check out our video on how to prep your jeans for our expert hemming service below, and when you’re ready, fill out the form and send ’em in!


Need your jeans hemmed? Check out Denim Therapy’s expert hemming service.

—DT Staff


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Denim Therapy Helps the Little Guy (and Girl)

Did you know that the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie, and Lady GaGa are all the same height? It’s true! And while these ladies are all teeny tiny, most of the time, the length of even the smallest-sized jeans is still to long (check out all the cuffing, scrunching, and frayed hems). That’s where Denim Therapy comes in! We can make your jeans the perfect length for you with our expert tailoring service. It’s as easy as chop, fold, stitch! Check it out!

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—Sarah Greene

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Posted May 15 2012 in Denim Therapy

MC Reviews The Fidelity Denim Koro Flare In Nautical Blue

DT blog editor Michelle Christina reviews her second pair of Fidelity Denim jeans (the first being the Ace Skinny Jean in Ginza Black) and her second pair of flare-leg jeans since junior high (the first being the MiH flare-leg Marrakesh in Reed). Scroll to find out whether these dark-wash beauties pass the comfort, fit, and wear-ability test!


Check them out below:


[nggallery id=1172]


What was your first thought when you tried them on?

My first thought was that they’ll be needing a quick hem job via Denim Therapy’s hemming service! But my second thought was “these are more comfortable than sweatpants!”

Where/when would you wear these?

Despite the extreme comfort, they have the DNA of denim, so they’re perfect for lounging but ideal for dressing up with a silk blouse & some baubles. I’m really into the idea of transforming them into a nautical look with some sailor stripes and my anchor earrings.

How’s the fit?

In general they’re a great fit—comfortable and flattering. I might have them taken in a bit above the knees where there’s some excess to maximize the silhouette. I wore them all weekend and I haven’t experienced any permanent stretch in the fabric. After my love affair with the Ace Skinny in Ginza and this new denim crush’o’mine, I think Fidelity is becoming a new favorite brand.


Shop Fidelity Denim jeans for spring staples now!

Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—DT Staff

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Posted Apr 23 2012 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Product
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