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6 Pairs Of Men's Jeans For Late Summer


Lara Stone Rocks 70s Style In The New H&M Campaign


What To do When You Rip Your Jeans


A Denim Therapy Hemming Customer’s (Mini) Reivew

This happy customer brought in her APC jeans to be hemmed. Check out her comments in the video below: “I just had a pair of APC’s hemmed. They were really long. It was really fun to come by and get them fitted, and the turn around time was really quick.” We love to make our customers happy!


Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hems, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Come Visit the Denim Therapy Pop-Up Tailor Shop!

Nudie Jeans, Bloomingdales, and Denim Therapy are launching Repair Reuse! Reduce – a unique pop-up tailor shop that lets customers show their worn-and-torn Nudie Jeans some TLC with free repairs and alterations! Come to Bloomingdales SoHo in the Men’s Lower Level, Thursday, September 13 through Sunday, September 16, 2PM ’til 8PM and see what we can do for your Nudies. In addition, customers have the chance to trade in their hard-worn Nudie Jeans (after meeting Nudie’s wear-and-tear requirements), to be recycled and resold with the award-winning Good Environmental Choice label, featured with the wearer’s name. In exchange for donating denim, customers will receive an exclusive Nudie Jeans gift! You can’t pass this up, people. Come on down!


[nggallery id=1230]


—Sarah Greene



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Francine Kicks Off Day 1 Of The Earnest Sewn Denim Challenge

Denim Therapy‘s founder Francine is partaking in the Earnest Sewn Denim Challenge! What is it, exactly? Earnest Sewn sought out influentials in the denim industry and asked them to wear one pair of Earnest Sewn jeans for 30 days, after customizing them accordingly (including anything from bleach and dye to dragging them behind a car). This is an experiment in wear and tear, both intentional and incidental.

Today, Francine received her jeans, fell in love with them, and tried them on. Since they were way too long, she had them hemmed with our own expert hemming service. Now, they fit like a glove.

francine denim therapy earnest sewn denim challenge

francine denim therapy earnest sewn denim challenge

Stay tuned as we track Francine’s jeans over the next 30 days!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Cosmopolitan Magazine Declares Denim Therapy A Life-Changing Gift!

Cosmopolitan Magazine‘s holiday gifts-for-guys guide mentioned our expert denim repair service as a gift that can literally change lives—and we couldn’t agree more! Here’s what one recipient of such a gift had to say:

“Last Christmas, I unwrapped the present from my girlfriend and it was my favorite pair of jeans. Like the actual pair I already owned. I was so confused till I held them up and saw that she’d had the holes fixed and the scuffed hems repaired. She found this place called Denim Therapy that repairs even the most beat up jeans and makes them look like new. Seriously, such a freaking cool gift.” —Michael

denim therapy cosmo magazine feature repair jeans


Check out the full article! Check out our website to get started on your own repair today, or grab a gift card to gift to the denim lovers in your life this holiday season! We do hems, maternity adjustments, tailoring, hardware replacement, bleaching, dyeing, and more!

—DT Staff

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5 Good Reasons (& Ways) To Have Denim Therapy Fix Your Jeans

It happens to the best of us. We trip, we fall, we have kids, we gain and lose weight, we don’t always shop for the best-fitting jeans because we’re blinded by a brand on sale, etc… shopping for denim and building a relationship with your favorite pair of jeans is no low-maintenance task. There are a myriad of things that can go wrong along the way, but rather than giving up on them, why not let us bring them back to life?


It requires lots of love (and sometimes therapy) to keep your favorite jeans in good shape, but if you commit, they’ll be with you through the years. Scroll down our top 5 list of reasons you might need a little Denim Therapy of your own.

denim therapy repair your jeans

It’s true. You’re too hot to handle! If your jeans are ripped and torn in the crotch, knees, or anywhere else you might experience an intense amount of friction throughout the day, you can trust us to restore them as closely as possible to their former glory.

Denim Therapy uses the MatchPerfect™ cotton thread selection process to create the best looking repair possible. The goal of every repair is excellence in appearance and function. Selection of the finest materials makes it possible. Learn More About MatchPerfect™.

Ready to have your old best friend back? Repair your jeans!

denim therapy repair your jeans

You don’t want to be caught looking silly when you’re on a hot date, do you? Don’t trip! Make sure your jeans are the right length to wear with your favorite shoes (whether they’re stilettos or sneakers). We’ll assist you in figuring out the perfect length, and then we’ll do all the work!

We can repair an existing denim hem or adjust to make a new one. A hem can wear thin and create a tear or hole. We can repair that, no problem.

Step lively, denim-addicts. Hem your jeans now!

denim therapy repair your jeans

While you may be jumping for joy at the thought of a new tot on the way, your jeans are struggling to keep up with your maternity waistline. Instead of ditching your favorite denim for 9 months and buying maternity clothing, why not let us adjust your jeans so you can keep wearing them?

Here’s how it works: You pick your own favorite figure enhancing jeans. Denim Therapy will work their magic by inserting expandable side seams to move and grow with you! Once you’ve brought yourself back to your pre-maternity figure, Denim Therapy will restore your jeans back..

Ready to be a Haute-Mama? Get adjusted!

denim therapy repair your jeans

’80s and ’90s style is are totally hot again (Saved By The Bell, we never thought street style would return to your wardrobe stylists’ hands), and that means tie-dye and bleach-job denim is all the rage. Jump on a bandwagon we very much approve of with a look that will say “I’m a fashion-conscious denim-lover who knows how to work vintage trends in the NOW”!

Ready to bring back the best of the past? Check out our bleach & dye denim services now.

denim therapy repair your jeans

Whether you jumped the gun and bought a pair of jeans that are too big, or just can’t seem to find denim that fits your butt AND your waist, you’re in luck. We’ll take in wherever needed to be sure you look stellar and have a go-to pair of jeans that will never let you down.

While the fit process is very specific, we’ve developed a system for you to use so you can mark your jeans and mail them in to be adjusted without ever having to see one of our staff for a fitting.

Ready to look awesome? Get your jeans re-fitted!

Those are just five ways we can help your favorite jeans stay up to speed with the demands of your life, aesthetically and beyond. Don’t forget to check out the other denim services we offer, and watch our Denim Therapy video for a one-two-three of how we work!

—DT Staff

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HEM JEANS SXSW Happy Hour Get 20% OFF! 3/18-20th 5-7PM



Hem Jeans SXSW Happy Hour March 18-20th from 5-7pm

Plus, enjoy three days of free music and free drinks at Red Eye Fly March 18-20th from 11am – 6pm

908 W 12th St # B
AustinTX 78703
(512) 478-5326???


–Nikki Cho Russo

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