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Harrison Ford Ties the Knot in Wrangler Jeans

Sources: IMDB, X17 and Sleek Gossip.

I don’t know these crazy kids, but, after close to a decade of courtship, don’t you think Harrison Ford, a.k.a. Indiana Jones, should have cleaned himself up a bit more?  Nothing against wearing jeans to weddings, but, I hope they were brand new and not the faded and well-loved variety. But, with his recent role in Extraordinary Measures and the latest, Cowboys and Aliens, I suspect he is wearing the basic medium blue issue.  Good thing he knows that whatever brand a man chooses to wear, the jeans have to “fit your butt.” — Kathy Ng Hassan

From Sleek Gossip:

When Harrison Ford, 67, tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart on June 15, the movie star opted to walk down the aisle in a more casual look: Wrangler Jeans. Click here to read more..

Sources: IMDB, X17 and Sleek Gossip.

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