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2014: A Year In Jeans

If there’s one site we became more obsessed with than our own blog this year, it’s Jean Stories. The highly editorial, gorgeously curated collection of denim-lovers and their favorite baby blues never gets old (and trust us, we see a lot of jeans). Careen through 2014’s prevalence of gorgeous vintage-inspired worn-in jeans, boyfriend cuts, daring cut-offs and more with Jean Stories’ full year wrap-up. Look for style stars like Jenna Lyons, and shop all of your favorites right from the post.


Image via Jean Stories.

Happy New Year!

—DT Staff


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Posted Jan 06 2015 in Denim Fashion

Denim Resolutions For 2012: Care & Style

Whether or not you keep all of them, it’s never a bad idea to make a list of resolutions for the new year and hang them up somewhere to remind yourself what habits you should drop (or form). While we’re going to leave the “stop smoking/work out more/be nicer to Aunt Flo” resolutions up to you, we’ll give you a cheat sheet of denim-related resolutions to keep taped to the inside of your closet door. And of course, we’ll be here throughout the year if you need us to assist you in sticking to them.

2012 Resolutions For Denim Care

1. I will not wash my jeans after every wear. When I wash them, I’ll use Woolite to protect their color and consistency. If I have to wash my raw denim,  I will try heat, vinegar, and freezing before I resort to H2O. If washing just won’t remove the stink, I’ll put my vodka stash to good use.

2. I will not let my angry ex-lovers anywhere near my denim collection, nor will I ride my motorcycle in my most expensive pair of jeans.

3. I’ll take good care of my leather patches with the proper leather cleanser.

4. If I’m not a raw denim-head who loves blue jean bruises, I’ll soften my jeans the quick way.

5. I will monogram my jeans with my initials before lending them to jealous BFF’s who might claim they belong to them.


2012 Resolutions For Denim Style (For Women)

1. I will not have ill-fitting jeans. I will get them hemmed and tailored as needed so I look awesome!

2. I will buy lipstick that perfectly compliments my favorite pair of jeans.

3. I will choose jeans with pockets that make my butt look great.

4. When it’s time to let go of old jeans, I’ll donate them to make room for a better fitting pair that make me feel great.

5. I’ll give boyfriend jeans a try (or some other style I didn’t try in 2011).


2012 Resolutions For Denim Style (For Men)

1. I will not have ill-fitting jeans. I will get them hemmed and tailored as needed so I look awesome!

2. I will combine preppy, rockstar, and hip hop sensibilities for the perfect outfit.

3. I’ll wear a denim bowtie, at least once.

4. I’ll wear colored denim until I find my favorite color.

5. I’ll go beyond the generic denim workshirt, whether it’s stripes, embroidery, or mixing washes.


And as a bonus…

I’ll learn to say “jeans” in as many languages as possible!


Happy New Year!

—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 02 2012 in Ask the Denim Stylist » Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
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