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Denim Therapy Donates Denim To The HaitiCorps International Handbag Project

Denim Therapy has been donating unclaimed jeans to a good cause, and now we want you to see the results. Launched in November, 2011, the handbag project is a partnership between HaitiCorps International and FAVILEK (Fanm Viktim Leve Kanpe/Women Victims Get Up Stand Up), an organization dedicated to helping women who have been victims of gender-based violence.

Through the Handbag Project, HCI and FAVILEK will train women in sewing and other techniques and offer stable employment with a fair wage. A profit-sharing agreement between HCI and FAVILEK will ensure that the project remains responsive to the needs of Haitians themselves and will allow FAVILEK to expand its much-needed programs to more vulnerable women. See some of our jeans transformed into handbags below.

haiticorps-denim-handbag-project haiticorps-denim-handbag-project-2 haiticorps-denim-handbag-project-3

Learn more about this amazing organization.

—DT Staff


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Posted Jan 18 2013 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
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