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The wait is over! We want to thank everyone who entered our Artisan De Luxe women’s denim studded shorts & men’s skinny jeans giveaway last week. We have two awesome prizes to give away today, and we loved the comments you left us telling us your summer plans for these great additions to any wardrobe. The winners had the best comments in each category and adhered to all of our contest rules (and they made us grin to). Click through to see if YOU made the free-denim cut!

The winning comment for the Gwen studded shorts…

Congratulations, Christina! She won a 1 pair of ladies’ “Gwen” studdied cut-off shorts with frayed edge!

She said, “I think I could rock the heck out of those skinnies or those frayed denim shorts this hot hot summer and early fall by mixing it up with funky vintage pieces and bring out the effortless rock appeal that denim so naturally has. Robert Plant will be real jealous.”

The winning comment for the Perry skinny whisker fade skinny jeans...

Congratulations, Justin! He won a pair of men’s Perry skinny whisker fade jeans!

He said, “I’m in Texas for the summer, so it’s mighty hot in the day, but those skinny jeans would be great to wear to the clubs at night! The whiskers and fading would pair well with most of my wardrobe for sure!”

We’ll contact both winners shortly with instructions on redeeming their prizes. In the mean time, check out some of our other favorite comments below!

“I would love to own these studded jean shorts and wear them everywhere! They would be perfect for summer concerts!” —Courtney

“I’d rock them to the beach, on hikes, & basically when I’m out and about around town. The fashion here is laid back, casual, and it’s tropical weather year round so these will def be put to use!” —Maria

“Would love those studded shorts! Those need to be paired with heels, that’s for sure. So some nice summery heels and a cropped white top, for a beer on a summery terrace in the city!” —Sara

“Their 1st stop would be the DMB Caravan at the Gorge Ampitheater for Labor Day weekend!  It’s a four day festival where we will camp…so chances are they’ll be worn more than once during the course of the weekend.” —Jessica Caviness

“I can’t wait to wear these alll over Orange County on my days off. These will be accompanying me on the days I hang out at the beach and plan on directly going to happy hour.” —Rachel

“I’d wear those shorts to a lady gaga concert. Or passed out in a dive bar. Or both.” —Fiona

“I’d love to win the jeans because my girlfriend says I need some more summer-y looking jeans!” —bikeohio

These shorts are badass, but wouldn’t contain my ass cheeks. Believe me, that ain’t pretty, lol.” —Jessica E Page

I would wear these studded shorts to the next summer BBQ coming up this weekend.  I love the look and the frayed edge.  Great denim color too.  These shorts will be noticed.” —Bessie L Burnsed

“I’d wear them to bars, on errands, to the beach….everywhere!” —Julie L

Thanks to all who entered! Didn’t win this time? No worries! Denim Therapy has more chances on the way for you to own a pair of coveted jeans for your stylish summer excursions. Stay tuned, denim-lovers!

—DT Staff

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Posted Jun 13 2011 in Denim Therapy
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