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The sun sets earlier. The leaves and their bright hues fade and eventually fall. The warm summer nights of poolside lounging and lemonade-sipping are traded for hot cocoa-drinking aside the fireplace.Like it or not, the seasons are a-changing. Summer will soon be a distant memory we longingly grasp for during the frozen haze of the colder months.

While the transition from summer to autumn brings about a definitive change in nature, there is also another thing that must change along with it: your wardrobe and, more specifically, your denim.

Take a cue from the leaves: if they’re changing colors, then the denim you wear should be of different colors as well. Your torn, light-washed summer jeans should be put into storage until a few months later when the warmth comes back to greet us. Until then, follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your denim transitions effortlessly along with you as you welcome the new seasons.








Rock Revival Jen 03 Rhinestones Straight Leg Denim (left) and William Rast Stella Boot Cut Denim (right)

Leave the faded, acid-washed jeans in your closet and instead opt for some darker-hued denim. Choose dark washes, like ink blue, black and grays. William Rast’s Ben 457 Straight Leg Denim, or the Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg denim are both good options for men that will be easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and will look like a sensible color during the colder months. Ladies, turn to the William Rast Stella Boot Cut Denim or the Rock Revival Jen 03 Rhinestones Straight Leg Denim for great fits and dark colors.










William Rast’s Ben 457 Straight Leg Denim (left) and Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg Denim (right)

Can’t bear to let go of your favorite pair of shorts? Just pair them with a pair of dark tights and your best boots for a look that’s autumn-appropriate, but will allow you reminisce about summer!










William Rast Scarlet 754 Denim Short (left) and Rock Revival Celine Sr Denim Short (right)

Making sure that you successfully transition from the summer to the autumn months is easy. Close up the pool, get back to school, grab a scarf and rake the leaves. However, it’s equally important to make sure that you clothes make the transition along with you! Don’t neglect your denim!

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— Alessia F. For LUELLO

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