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Denim Deals: Identity Streetwear’s BLACKOUT Sale Continues


When opportunity knocks, you better get shopping.  Due to some glitch, which prevented some good folks from shopping the deals, the sitewide sale has been extended! Click your way through Identity Streetwear’s BLACKOUT sale, now in progress. Save an amazing 45% off denim like Good Society for men and women, Guido & Mary, and other stylish brands.  I repeat: everything is 45% off.  Oh, and they don’t just sell denim at this lovely fashion stop.  I’ve got my eyes on some Shades of Greige tops, as well as a shiny pewter Laeken romper, which looks cocktail party inspired.  Yeah baby!

Enter “BLACKOUT” at check out.  Sale ends Wednesday, October 7 at 10 PM.


– Kathy Ng Hassan

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Good Society: Designer Jeans With a Conscience


I think I have become obsessed with Good Society, the “new” eco-denim line launched in the fall of 2007 by Sling and Stones creator, Aiden Dinh.  Good Society is the cheaper — but no less stylish — denim line.  I have seen other uber hip denim labels spin off a Green collection, but it’s hard to find a really good Green jean that was conceived to be not only eco-friendly and Fair Trade, but philanthropic from the start.  Believe it or not, not everyone believes in the “hype” of Green jeans.  Purists will sift through each “Eco” brand and say, well, many jeans are only 98% organic because the 2% stretch part is not.  I say, big deal.   Good Society jeans claims to be 100% organic denim that is a “forward thinking collection that is fully sustainable ??“ both ecologically and socially.  If you’re doing what you can to make sure you also don’t exploit garment workers and you donate 10% of profits to charities in third world countries, then that’s something.  That’s what Good Society is about.


Why am I still talking about Green jeans, when Earth Day is over?  In this case, it doesn’t matter what the occasion.  A fantastic pair of jeans from concept to design is just that.  You can’t stop thinking about it and you can’t stop talking about it.

Learn more about GOOD SOCIETY.

Available at ENVI and other carefully selected retailers.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim Deals: Earth Day Shopping

FORM & FAUNA Denim Wedge.

FORM & FAUNA Denim Penny Wedge.

As today, April 22, 2009, is Earth Day, so many companies are taking advantage of the spirit of this occasion.  To some, Earth Day means a new commitment to being a “greener” consumer.  Here is a roundup of some eco-friendly, sustainable and green deals related and complementary to the world of denim:

Gilt Groupe EDUN Men’s Jeans Sale – $58-68. (Ends 4/24 Midnight EDT)

EDUN‘s Online Store Sale – Women’s jeans slashed down to $85 and up; Men’s Jeans $90 and up.

EDUN Earth Day special edition “Bee Tees” to raise awareness of the plight of the honeybees, available at Anthropologie, $58. (SOURCE)

DEL FORTE DENIM Sabine jean.

DEL FORTE DENIM Sabine jean.

Love your well-loved jeans?  Can’t bare to throw them out?  Let Denim Therapy resurrect those ripped, holey, thrashed denim.  It’s the sustainable thing to do.  At $7/per inch, it’s a bargain to repair your favorite pair of jeans.  International shipping available.

DEL FORTE DENIM Organic Cotton Sabine jean, $115, available at Green Loop.

LOOMSTATE for Target collection with clothing made from 100% organic cotton, available now through May 16 for Women’s Collection ($26.99-$39.99) and June 20 for Men’s Collection ($27.99). (SOURCE)



GOOD SOCIETY fair trade Bootcut in Evanston jeans, $53 at Revolve Clothing.
GOOD SOCIETY jeans, many available at Tobi from $65 and up.

LEVI’S Eco Collection. Cheap, stylish and a classic brand. Save additional 40% off on the Low Skinny 531?„? Jeans in Luella (white), $59.50 ($35.70 after discount).

ELEMENT men’s Green Jean, $80, available at SWELL.

FAIR INDIGO Fair Trade jeans, on sale for $39.50, available at Fair Indigo.

FORM & FAUNA shoes, made from sustainable and renewable material. The Yellow Peacock shoe, $191, available at Embodies. The denim Penny Wedge, $82.50 (size 9.5 only), available at Kaight Shop.

CERTIFIED Jeans, made in the USA of 100% organic cotton, $68-$88.

LEVI'S Eco Low Skinny 531 in Luella.

LEVI'S Eco Low Skinny 531 in Luella.

Was there a deal missing from this Earth Day list you’d like to add?  Add your Earth Day Deal to our comments box.  Earth Day celebrations and shopping events are all week long!

Kathy Ng Hassan

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