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How do you distinguish yourself from other denim wearers?  Well, if you’re Brandon Svarc, founder of the Canadian brand Naked & Famous, you make jeans that glow in the dark.  Or that smell like fruit.  Or the heaviest jeans in the world.  The 29-year-old is like the Heston Blumenthal of the denim world—he’s driven by discovering new sensations, and while most of us are content with the selection of quality jeans available at MenswearUK, not so for Mr Svarc.  “If I get feedback that someone says they hate it, I know someone else is going to think it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever seen,” he told Fox News.

Naked & Famous screatch and sniff jeans, available at Menswear UK.

His latest creations, scratch-and-sniff  jeans that smells like raspberries ($150/£93) or his 32oz jeans—three times the weight of a normal pair ($495/£307)—reportedly the heaviest jeans in the world, are capable of standing upright on their own.   Why would anybody wear these jeans, you may ask.  “I find that human beings are fascinated by anything that is a superlative,” says Svarc on his website. “Well, these jeans are my denim superlative.”


—DT Staff

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Posted May 02 2012 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear

Hudson Jeans Invades Our Senses With Glow in the Dark Tuxedo Jeans

Previously, Denim Therapy covered Hudson Jeans‘ release of their new Loulou neon jeans ($198), a super skinny cropped jean with a glow in the dark tuxedo stripe on the outseam. Remember those alien glow stripes?   If you are still unsure about jumping on the bandwagon, better act fast.  These jeans are limited editions and no complaining if all the cool kid’s down at the club are rocking them (and you’re not). Check out the phosphorescent jeans in action (turn up your audio up, or down if you’re at work), because Hudson Jeans is about to knock your socks off.  UPDATE: The jeans don’t actually glow in the dark by itself, but will glow under a black light. We want to try it out!

Hudson Jeans introduces the Loulou in phosphorescent tuxedo stripe skinny cropped jeans.

Now available for pre-order at Hudson Jeans online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Posted Jan 23 2012 in Denim Fashion
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