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Behind the Scenes at Geren Ford’s Fall 2010 Lookbook Shoot

Geren Ford Fall 2010 Lookbook‘Swonderful.  ‘Smarvelous.  Geren Ford’s fall 2010 collection channels a bygone era in the fluttery dresses and smart-yet-dramatic Flash Gordon-esque jackets.  And, maybe I’ve got too much of her on the brain, but don’t the featured looks all seem too Alexa Chung-inspired to you?  If you’re an AC follower, then you know she likes the vintage looks.

Every dress piece is cut with a looser fit in mind, somewhat reminiscent of how a Flapper should be rockin’ it. It’s less body-con, but still flattering for all the young things who want to kick up a heel.

Geren Ford Fall 2010 Lookbook 6

As for the drop-crotchy harem pants, all it needs is for a model to rock a diva turban.  Norma Desmond, are you ready for your close-up?  The ghosts of Jean Harlow, Kate Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich are trapped in this collection, and I’d feel honored to catwalk in their shoes!  I can’t decide whether the looks are just old Hollywood prosperity bubble or pre-Dust Bowl.

Geren Ford Fall 2010 Lookbook 4Geren Ford Fall 2010 Lookbook 3

And for the denim looks, nothing too new here, but nonetheless tasteful and impeccably stylish.  I’m really digging on the riding-pant style patches in the photo at left.


Kathy Ng Hassan


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Denim Desires: Geren Ford

GEREN FORD Elastic Vest in Faded Denim, available at CHOCOSHO.

GEREN FORD Elastic Vest in Faded Denim, available at CHOCOSHO.


Yes, yes, yes.  Very nice.  Geren Ford has created a vest that is helping me forget about the trashy version of denim vests — you know, the ones with the ripped-off sleeves — which are popular amongst the motorcycle gang set.  I was so afraid that all the destroyed denim hoopla going on right now would also lead to the revival of the destroyed denim jackets.  My fashion nightmares awakened the frightening memories of the mullet hair: another association with the biker gang/”My Name is Earl” overall look.  Eep!  Some parts of the 80s should just stay back in the 80s.  Anybody feel me on this one?

But, back to the present.  Geren Ford managed to create a tasteful rendition of a breezy summer-friendly denim vest.  The elastic vest is chic, elegant and sustainable through a four-hour road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.  Believe me; being cooped up inside a car for hours is no fun, but the journey is worth it when you arrive in wine country and step out in style.


Kathy Ng Hassan

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