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Denim Therapy Services: How To Prep Jeans For Cut Off Shorts

Spring’s coming, and we know you’ve got one thing on your mind: cut-off shorts that make your butt look AMAZING. You’re probably eyeing a favorite pair of jeans, wondering if you should attempt slicing them up yourself. But if you want to make sure they’re perfect, leave it to the experts! Check out this video for more info on how to prep your jeans for our denim cut-off shorts service.

denim cut off shorts


—DT Staff

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Q&A With Denim Therapy’s Francine Rabinovich On Stylebook

Denim Therapy got a shout-out on Stylebook! They ran a Q&A with our founder Francine Rabinovich about denim staples you can never go wrong with, how to style jeans flawlessly in a snap, and what the deal is with raw denim. Get your denim info fix below.

denim therapy repair jeans holes

“Although denim is a basic wardrobe staple, it can still be a tricky category to shop for – so, when you find the perfect pair, you want to hang on to it. Denim Therapy, a New York-based boutique tailor, caters to those of us who can’t let go of their perfect pair. They can seamlessly patch holes, re-dye your dark jeans – even temporarily adapt your favorite jeans for maternity.

Francine Rabinovich, the founder of Denim Therapy, breaks down how to choose the right pair for your budget and how to keep them in perfect condition once you’ve found them. She also shares some of her fresh outfit ideas and answers some of our questions on the intricacies of the simplest item in our closet…”

Check out the Q&A here.

—DT Staff

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Denim Therapy Customer Review


“So, although I am a relatively small girl, being of Latin and Italian descent, I’m pretty much doomed to a life of big butt-dom.

Unfortunately, my genes have often contributed to the destruction of my jeans–mostly in the crotchal region.  This would not be such a problem if I wore $50 jeans like a normal person, but alas, I’m a denim junkie who can only get her fix from sevens, citizens and J Brands at about $200 a pop.

Thanks to my big ole booty, I had countless pairs of dead denim in my closet, but I just couldn’t bring myself to chuck them.  I’m really glad I didn’t.  I sent them to Denim Therapy, and the whole experience was fantastic for me! I brought 3 pairs in for the crotch holes to be repaired and reinforced. When I got them back, the threading they did was virtually invisible to the naked eye.  I asked my boyfriend if he could tell where they had been restitched and he had no clue.  The only way you could really tell is if you touched the repaired area as it is stiffer than the rest of the jeans, but other than that, the repairs are undetectable.

To fix the holes in my 3 pairs of jeans and reinforce them to prevent future tears, it cost me $68, which I feel is a small price to pay for $600+ worth of denim.  If I didn’t live in NY and had to pay shipping costs though, I don’t know if I would’ve went through the trouble as those probably get pricey.

All in all, I am really happy with the work they did and highly recommend if you have expensive jeans that you’re not ready to part with. LOVE!!!! Will be sending in some more stuff ASAP.”

Need jeans repaired?

Via Yelp

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Denim Lovers Will Stop At Nothing To Keep Their Favorite Jeans Alive

We received this pair of donations in the office last week—an elaborate DIY patchwork of fabrics and denim, torn and re-sewn, pulled together to the bitter end. This is love, people! This is denim addiction. But is this the best way to fix your jeans? Nope. We admire the effort… but our expert denim repair therapists can give them a better shot at life.

denim therapy damaged jeans patchwork

denim therapy damaged jeans patchwork

Have a pair of jeans you want to give a second shot at life? Rather than going the above route, we suggest sending them to our expert denim repair therapists for hole repair, reinforcement, tailoring, hemming, and everything a needy pair of jeans could want.

—DT Staff

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Denim Therapy Will Repair Even Your Shortest Shorts!

A friendly PSA from your friends in the Denim Therapy office… Warm weather is on its way! Don’t forget, Denim Therapy fixes all types of denim duds—even your shortest shorts!


Repair your favorite jeans now, and check out our other expert denim services, from tailoring to dying, hardware replacement, and more.

—DT Staff

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Cool Moms Know What’s Up: Denim Therapy For Jeans That Last!

Moms know everything (and you knew that). So when they sound off on products & services, the general public perks their ears and listens. This time, we’re proud to say a certain blog that moms themselves refer to for advice they had a few good things to say about Denim Therapy.


See more before and after pics!

I gave it a try and was extremely impressed with the service. Before, you could see my unmentionables through two big holes in the bum of my jeans. Now, the denim is good as new, if a little stiff, and it’s all holding up under washing and drying. Goodbye, blue jean blues. —Delilah (Read the full review)

—DT Staff

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