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White Jeans After Labor Day? Try This Head-To-Toe Look


Denim Therapy Featured in Glamour


Lost Weight Recently? We’ll Tailor Your Jeans Back To Size

Lost weight recently? It’s always an awesome feeling when you climb into your trusty jeans after months of waistline watching, only to find that they are now too big to fit into. The downside? Your jeans don’t fit. But never fear—we can help! Denim Therapy’s expert denim tailoring and resize service will have those jeans back down to size, asap.

denim resize tailoring therapy

Read up on our expert repair and alteration services, or get your denim resized right now.

—DT Staff


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Denim Therapy Featured on NBC New York

Have you given your jeans that Denim Therapy it deserves? Show host Lilliana of NBC‘s New York Live gives us the rundown on what to expect and how easy it is to resurrect your old jeans that don’t quite fit properly, and repurpose them into something you will love to wear the whole summer.

Need to repair your jeans now?  Go to Denim Therapy’s repair service site to get started!


—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Denim Love! Score 14% Off Denim Therapy Repairs For You & Your Valentine!

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Need to breathe some life back into his old favorite jeans? Want to surprise her with a gift unlike any other? Let us work the magic — you take credit for the perfect V-day gift.

We’ll show our affection with a discount on Denim Therapy’s expert repair services – score 14% off repairs from February 14 – March 14, 2012! To take advantage simply fill out the repair form and use code XO12*.

denim jeans heart repair therapy

Don’t just sit there with hearts in your eyes…send in your jeans (and your lover’s too)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

* Repairs need to be paid for by March 14th.

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Denim Therapy Featured In People Magazine Gift Guide!

Denim Therapy’s expert denim repair service was featured in People Magazine‘s holiday gift guide! The series called out gifts for celebs and stars who could use them, and we were bestowed the honor of being an ideal gift for Kate Middleton! You’ll recall that she wore her J Brand jeans for days on royal business, and not even royal jeans can hold up forever.

“For the girl who isn’t afraid to recycle her denim (Kate once wore the same J Brand jeans three days in a row!), we’d treat her to a gift card to Denim Therapy, the company that repairs holes, wear, and scuffed hems. The Duchess could even use the credit to preemptively reinforce her favorite blues to avoid getting caught with an embarrassing tear.”

Looking for a way to extend the life of your jeans? We do jean repair on holes, tears, wear, zippers, belt-loops, and so much more. We also do tailoring, hemming, dying, and alterations for maternity. Check out our denim repair and alteration services for ways we can help your blue-jean-BFF’s stay in your life for the long run!

And Kate, if you’re reading, we’ll definitely help you out too. ; )

—DT Staff

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When Jeans Get Assed-Out, We’ve Got Your Back (And Your Crotch)

One Denim Therapy customer with a crotch blow-out situation wrote in that their jeans were “assed-out”. Denim crotch repairs are our most common, and if your jeans experience some similar tearing and wearing, you can count on us to be sure your winter is not chilly in all the wrong places.

denim repair crotch ripped

Got a hole in your jeans? Find out more about how you can repair your jeans with Denim Therapy.

—DT Staff

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What to do When You Fall Off Your Bike and Tear Your Jeans

A traumatic (and very not-cute) bike accident while on vacation last week inspired us to share some of our recent knee repairs with you guys. Although our jeans were okay, our knees and pride were a little more than bruised. Check out some recent before and after knee repairs below. Had we needed it, we know exactly where we would have taken our jeans for repair!


Have some jeans that need a little TLC? Send them in to Denim Therapy! Go to to get started.

Renee Sykes

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Denim Therapy Can Fix Your Crotch Holes

Repairing jeans is our business here at Denim Therapy. And our most common repair? We like to call it the crotch blowout. It’s what happens when you ride bikes, do a lot of walking, or basically just LIVE YOUR LIFE. After spending a while in your jeans, the crotch area at the base of your bum begins to wear away on the left and right sides of the inseam, forming holes in the fabric. Crotch blowouts happen to both guys and girls, in tight jeans or baggy jeans—it’s just a point of stress on the fabric. Below is a recent before and after of some jeans we repaired. The right side had a 2 inch hole, and the left side needed some preventative reinforcement.


Has this happened to you? Let us fix your jeans! Go to to find out more about our repair services and reweaving process, and to look at more before and afters.

—Renee Sykes


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Posted May 27 2011 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy

How to Make Jeans Last Longer

Using computers and cell phones until they don’t work anymore. Wearing clothes until they’re completely worn out.  What a concept!  Levi’s, for example, is a denim brand that is showing their customers how to make their jeans last longer.  According to a recent New York Times article: “Levi Strauss is telling customers to take steps that will actually lead them to buy fewer pairs of jeans. The Levi’s sustainability campaign urges customers to wash their jeans less often and in cold water, a move that the company says reduces water use.”


A hallmark of the Denim Therapy service is the ability to reconnect owners with their favorite — but unwearable — jeans, reducing a need to purchase “Favorite Jean 2.0.”  Do your jeans have holes?  Do they need a re-dye treatment?  Those boot cuts don’t fit anymore?  Denim Therapy’s services not only restores your jeans, but in many instances, makes your jeans last longer.  Check out Denim Therapy services to learn more.  Like computers, sometimes we just need a refresh or a re-boot.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Mar 11 2011 in Denim Therapy
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