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An Exclusive Interview with David Kahn Jeans (Plus Their Fall lookbook!)

David Kahn is a name well-known to denim lovers. The designer jeans company was originally launched in 1999 to cater to a market that was flooded with tops, yet shy of bottoms for women. It quickly grew a following but it wasn’t until it’s re-launch in the Spring 2011 under designer Bryan Boone that the collection embarked on it’s journey into the contemporary premium denim market. He then added rich textures and colors, luxurious premium fabrics, new silhouettes and fashion forward elements—the fantastic fit remains. Read on for an exclusive interview!

david kahn fall/winter red chameleon denim

Denim Therapy: Lets start from the beginning.  How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

David Kahn Jeans: Denim has been such a great tool for me to show my creativity. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was young but now I just do all my ideas straight on to the jeans. The David Kahn brand has such a cult following that wanted newness and excitement. That’s what I’m providing them with my collection.

DT: Do you have any pre-designing rituals?

DKJ: The inspiration for my collection has been brought on by great female bands and vocalists. So for the past seasons, it’s me getting into a new muse’s music.

DT: Describe the person who represents your ideal target customer—the customer you have in mind when you’re planning a collection.

DKJ: The David Kahn woman is always on point with trends and knows her body and what works and what doesn’t work for her.

DT: Can you give us hint about what’s next?

DKJ: It’s going to very earthy and happy!

DT: What are the most popular washes/fits in the line? What are your favorites, and how would you style them?

DKJ: My current favorite is our Brenda Skinny. Brenda is our new contemporary fit. My friend Jessica is super tall and typical “skinnies” only reach above her ankle. I wanted to do a true skinny. So we made it with a 34” inseam. Its super long!  But its great for shorter girls too because they can wear a higher heel. Because it’s on Japanese power stretch fabrication it contours to the body perfectly and adds a cool bunchiness look in the bottom. Some girls might like it cleaner so they can always get it hemmed.

DT: Do you have any favorite/least favorite denim trends right now?

DKJ: Drop crotch denim silhouettes don’t really appeal to me.

DT: Street style and style blogs are huge in the industry right now as a source of inspiration, influencing the high end labels rather than vice versa. How much does street style influence your designing?

DKJ: Street style is definitely an important part of my inspiration. Seeing how individuals dress and outfit themselves sparks new ideas and it just grows from there.

DT: How many pairs of denim do YOU own?

DKJ: Less now. Probably 10-15.

DT: Favorite celeb wearing your brand?

DKJ: Definitely Fergie. She really knocked it out of the ball park with her Nikki Goldrush Wash, especially exciting since it was the brands first celeb spotting.

You can visit their website for a greater insight into the brand and “Like” them on Facebook as much as we do.


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—Jackie Racer

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