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Take A Dreamy Oceanside Stroll With DL1961 Premium Denim

DL1961 Premium Denim recently released its Spring/Summer 2014 marketing campaign, meaning anyone who wasn’t already staring out their NYC office window at the falling snow, dreaming of summer, will now proceed to do exactly that. The new campaign features a serene and ethereal beach photo session, exploring a range of expressive poses. Shot by Boo George, the release pays homage to the lazy New York summer. Some shots remind us of romantic summer films, and honestly, we can’t stop playing this one over and over in our heads.

DL1961’s latest offerings are designed using technologically-advanced, lightweight denim fabrics with immaculate cut and sew detailing, so in addition to longing for beach weather, we’re craving a pair of these jeans too. See the full campaign below.

dl1961-springsummer-2014 (1)

“As a brand that calls New York home, we love to capture the lifestyle and essence of those who wear DL1961 in their everyday lives – including summertime when denim is more uncommon,” states Sarah Ahmed, DL1961’s Creative Director. “For Spring/Summer the collection embodies the effortless spirit and simplicity of summer through our innovative technologies that keep you cool and comfortable.”

[nggallery id=1286]

How hard are you loving this? Tweet us at @denimtherapy and we’ll exchange longing sighs.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Denim Therapy Halloween! Costumes & Chaos With Our Favorite Denim Heads

Boo! Did we scare you?! Well, some of these costumes might! The Denim Therapy team rounded up their favorite Halloween photos from years past, and asked some of our favorite denim brands what their Halloween plans are too. Scroll to check out the hyper-creative, highly amusing round-up of festive fun from your resident denim experts.


Johnny Pinto AKA The Denim Guy

“So this Halloween I am going to be a SEXY BEAR! LOL. Two years ago  I was a caveman (pictured below), last year I was BRUNO in Yellow Laderhossen, no pictures of that.”


Lauren and Lea, DL1961 Premium Denim (Left)

Lauren: “I am lucky enough to live in NYC’s West Village, so on Halloween I can literally walk out my door and into the Greenwich Village Halloween parade.  The parade has become a tradition every year for me and my friends.  Since there are so many costume stores on 6th and 7th Avenues, I might have a different costume for every day of Halloween weekend this year.”

Ron Poisson, designer and owner of Cult of Individuality, with his daughter Olivia, his son Tristan, and their dog Brutus (Right)

Ron: “This year unfortunately I am in China working so I’m missing being home with my family.  It is always a tradition to carve pumpkins and then for me to dress up with my two kids, Olivia and Tristan, my wife, and our dog to go trick or treating around our neighborhood.  I think I enjoy it more than my children!”

Ron Poisson with his family & the pumpkin carving ritual (below)



“We had a pumpkin decorating contest. This is our 1st place winner. Georgia May Jagger-lantern!”


Raffael, DT’s Photographer (left) and Renee, DT Manager of Operations (right)

Raffael: “I was a moustacho-wearing Soviet solider. This year I’m going to be Cheburashka, a Russian stop-motion animation character from 1969.”

Renee: “We were trailer trash (the 5 of us took over the party).”


Michelle Christina, DT Editorial Director

“I was a DIY Bollywood dancer last year, but I made my costume last second and by the middle of the night my denim cut-offs were showing. Oops!”


Sarah, DT Editorial Contributor

“My costume this year is going to be Bedelia Grantham from the 1982 horror flop Creepshow.  Costume includes: ratty blonde wig, black sun hat, black cape, black pants, bottle of whiskey, and a dinner length cigarette holder.

My favorite past year’s costume was when my sister and I decided to be topical, and she was Kevin Federline (wearing my dad’s clothes and a goatee drawn on with eyeliner) and I was a smoking, pimpled, and pregnant Britney Spears.”


J. Sandoval, DT Editorial Contributor

“I was a “vampire rocker” (don’t ask). On a cool note I was wearing a white denim vest with an embroidered skull—fancy! This year I’m planning on being a gothic mad hatter.”


DT Editorial Interns Brie (Left), and Elyssa (Right)

Brie: “I just managed to get my hands on an old Halloween pic (Belle), then my (tentative) costume idea for this year is Jane Lane from Daria.”

Elyssa: “I was the Spice Girls with my friends—Ginger Spice!”


Judy Yang, Reco Jeans Intern

“This year, I’ll be dressing up as a princess inspired by SNSD’s new album’s concept as princesses. I’m really excited since I love dressing up!~ Last year I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, which was really fun. I’m also looking forward to everyone’s costumes. Hope everyone will have a fun and safe Halloween!”


Paul Pyo, Doctrine Jeans

” I am planning to dress up as either Bruce Lee in his yellow jumpsuit or as Elf in the Will Ferrell movie. This isn’t a picture of me but it’s a picture of my daughter, Kenzie, and my dog, Lucky, in their panda costumes from last Halloween.”


DT’s founder, Francine, couldn’t find a pic to share, but she’ll be dressing as a cowgirl. Perhaps a post-Halloween post is in order?


Happy Halloween Guys!

Remember, if you trip and fall while you’re trick’or’treating, we’ll take care of that rip in your jeans! Learn more about Denim Therapy’s repair services.

—DT Staff

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DL1961 Debuts Men’s Collection

DL1961 has debuted their first men’s premium denim collection, just in time for Resort 2011.  Like the women’s collection, the men’s jeans are made with X-FIT LYCRA®‘s patented cross-weave technology fabric, which “provides four-way stretch and 360 degrees of movement resulting in unparalleled fabric stability, shape retention and product recovery, eliminating all worry about your jeans sagging or bagging.”


Four new styles were created in the men’s collection, to suit various types of active lifestyles:
Vince-a universal slim straight zip fly for any body type;
Russell-a fashion-forward skinny button fly;
Chris-a loose relaxed fit; and
Logan-a modern bootcut.

Each cut is available in two to five washes that vary from light, to classic blue, to dark and compliment looks from casual to formal.  The DL1961 Premium Denim men’s collection retails for $168-$178 at high-end denim retailers nationwide including National Jean Company and Post Blue Jeans.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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