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How to Slack Off at Work with Diesel’s New ‘ExcellBook’ App

First, make sure your boss isn’t reading this, because Diesel Jeans is revolutionizing the art of slacking off.  Thanks to Diesel’s Be Stupid at Work campaign, you can now spend countless hours on Facebook while looking like you’re actually working.  Yep.  Diesel’s “ExcellBook” Facebook App turns Facebook into a spreadsheet.  No more worrying about clicking that quick-minimize button!

Diesel introduces ExcellBook: the app which turns Facebook into a spreadsheet.


The official video was viewable as of yesterday, but it seems both the Be Stupid at Work Web site (and access to the app download) and official videos have been shut down (aww).  However, we found one player that still works, so you can at least see what could’ve been before it’s discovered (double aww!).

ExcellBook – Diesel – be stupid at work by TechGear

Via AdWeek.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Posted Jun 30 2011 in Denim News
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