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Street Style: Denim Workshirt & Leopard Skinny Jeans For Wild Fall Fashion!

You might think that animal print isn’t for you, but this fashion blogger shows us just how easy it is to pull this look off! While pairing these leopard skinny jeans with a cami or bright top would take this outfit a bit too far over the wild side, the light-wash denim workshirt is the perfect shirt to make this look completely cool & casual. We love how the blogger really shows off her fun side by adding the little accents of red lipstick, lace up ankle booties (LOVE!), and a simple black fedora. This top and bottom pair is a great way to get in on the denim on denim trend without being blue from head to toe, and lets face it, fashion is way too fun to rock just one color!


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Images via Lumpexoholiczka.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Oct 11 2011 in Denim Fashion » Street Style Watch

Replay Fall Campaign Combines Denim, Fur, & Leather To Keep You Warm All Winter

The Replay 2011-2012 Fall Winter Campaign shows us just how sexy a great pair of jeans can be…no shirt necessary. If you’re more of the conservative type and don’t want to go for the topless look, their distressed jean jacket is a great way to cover up as we move into fall. We love how they break up the denim on denim look with a simple American flag t-shirt, proving just how easy it is to really rock this trend. The women’s skinny jeans have a great fit and stick to the classic blue washes we know and love. For the guys they offer a denim work shirt in a gradient wash, which is the perfect way to make it stand on its own against all the other options we are seeing put out this season. The details we’re really in love with though are the intricate stitching and back leather pocket on the men’s’ jeans—they are subtle but complete signs of quality design. The line also features a lot of fur and leather, which is definitely never a bad thing. And when paired with denim like this, the end products are completely sensual looks for this season.


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Images via Designer Denim Jeans Fashion.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Sep 09 2011 in Campaigns » Denim Menswear » Denim News

Sopopular “A Slice Of Suburbia” Lookbook: Badass With Class

One look at the Sopopular “Slice of Suburbia” Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011-2012 and the first thing we have to say is that the styling is absolutely gorgeous. From the model’s hair, to the thin string belts, right down to the complementary footwear, Sopopular did not miss a beat with this shoot. The lookbook redefines our thoughts on color as this tough dude is seen in powdery tones which stray from the dark shades we usually associate with this sort of alternative look. Khaki plays a really big part in the collection, but is so much more than just a pant material—we’re seeing it in outerwear and color block shirts that are accented with asymmetrical zippers which really push us away from what we thought we knew of this fabric. The addition of floral details and contrast fabrics also give us a fresh approach to the usual prep look. As this model shows, the clothes may be clean and dapper, but still are totally casual and ooze coolness. So if your guy is a badass at heart and in fashion, Sopopular has got him covered!


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Images via Selectism.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Sep 07 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Lookbooks

The Maloja Shirt From Wood Wood Takes The Denim Work Shirt To The Next Level

The secret has been out for a while now that the denim work shirt is back and better than ever. As with any trend, boundaries are going to get pushed to see who can take it to the next level. It seems like the Moloja shirt from Wood Wood is doing just that. With alternating shades of plum and navy stripes on medium wash denim, there is a hint at the nautical trend of fall, but the shirt definitely has a more urban feel than anybody needs out at sea. The press studs give it even extra flare and the combination of these two elements takes what would be an everyday shirt and turns it into a bold fashion statement.We like the risk that the shirt takes and any guy that is willing to take it along with the shirt–well that is exactly the kind of man we like to see! Get yours at Goodhood.


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Images via Selectism.

Elyssa Linden


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Posted Sep 07 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Reviews: Product

Masterpiece’s Autumn/Winter Lookbook: Much More Than Your Basic Denim

The Masterpiece Autumn Winter 2011 Lookbook has the denim that sets your man apart from the rest. Our personal favorite look of the bunch is the dark wash denim hoodie with contrast stitching and lining. That is one piece of clothing that better be hidden deep in his closet, or we’re coming for it. The line also has a denim work shirt, which is so versatile that it should definitely be a staple piece of any guy’s wardrobe this season. Their jean jacket stands out from the usual styles due to its pleated detailing and distressed denim wash—just enough to get you noticed, but not look like you’re trying to hard. This lookbook lets it be known: if you’re rocking Masterpiece this fall, you will not be disappointed.


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Images via Masterpiece.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Sep 01 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Lookbooks

PRPS Fall Winter 2011 Collection Takes Us Back To Early American Living

The PRPS Fall Winter 2011 collection was released in film and photographic lookbooks, both of which take us back to the days of the early American lifestyle, with a perfect blend of English and Native American influence. The denim work shirt with plaid detailing and the plaid button-down shirt with denim accents are great stylistic representations of  the balance between the two different backgrounds, and we are loving them! While these pieces are what really set the collection apart, PRPS also has some great outerwearknits, and quality denim jeans in light and dark washes for this season. Check out the line for yourself and find out what your fashion must-haves are for this fall.


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Images via Highsnobiety.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Aug 18 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Lookbooks

Dr. Denim Fall/Winter 2011 Collection…This One Time At Band Practice

Dr. Denim‘s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection has us reminiscing about our school days but makes us happy that we can now look even more fly than we did back in the day! There are skinny jeans for women, in classic blue washes, as well as a lovely olive style, and our personal favorite are dark blue denim tights with a distressed print. Now we will admit that we didn’t have a pair of those in high school, but everything (AKA our style) gets better with age right? There is also a denim work shirt which comes in a great light wash, which makes it so easy to accomplish the denim on denim trend when you pair it with a darker jean. And don’t worry, Dr. Denim didn’t forget about all you guys out there either! We’re really loving the dark indigo denim pant that is seen cuffed in the lookbook, for a completely classy look. If you have a more laid back style, the distressed denim jean in both a blue and grey wash will be a perfect match.




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Images via Denimology.

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Posted Aug 16 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Lookbooks

Iron Heart Selvedge Work Shirt Has Our Heart

To break it down to all you guys out there, Iron Heart is your go-to denim brand this season. After seeing their boot collaboration with Viberg (flashback here) we were already smitten, but this 12oz Raw Indigo Selvedge work shirt is exactly what fall weather requires. This sure isn’t your grandma’s denim to say the least and the contrast stitching gives it a nice crisp finish. This raw denim will keep you warm and looking good at the same time, and we know first hand that is not always an easy task to accomplish. Get yours now at Self Edge.


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Images via Self Edge.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Aug 10 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Reviews: Product

CJ by Cookie Johnson Fall 2011 Lookbook: Denim Fashion For The Everyday Woman

CJ by Cookie Johnson is a line that every woman out there should thank her lucky stars for. Not only is every piece made out of premium denim, but they are designed with all shapes and sizes in mind (that means for those of us that aren’t model size skinny). Their Fall 2011 Lookbook showcases their skinny, flare, bootcut styles and denim work shirts, ensuring that no matter what is going on in your day, if you are wearing CJ by Cookie Johnson you’ll feel beautiful, stylish AND comfortable—that’s something we know we’ll take any day of the week.


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Images via Designer Denim Jeans Fashion.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Jul 08 2011 in Denim Fashion » Lookbooks

Levi’s Original Denim Long Sleeve Work Shirt In New Bleach Wash

For a cooler look in summer, search no further. Levi’s denim long sleeve work shirt is out this season in a new bleached look, giving it a much more laidback feel. By using a different technique on the denim, the result is a marbleized, almost cloud-like appearance. Dark blue stitching is seen throughout the shirt and even tricks the eye into seeing a front pocket that isn’t really there. This is a work shirt that will work for any denim lover out there.

Image via Hypebeast.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Jul 06 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Product
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