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Switch It Up With These 6 Jean Skirts


Add A Touch Of Boho With Embroidered Vintage Denim


Pair Your Denim Shirt With A Sleek Blazer


Get Skinny-Jeans-Ready With Denim Therapy and David Barton Gym!

During the month of August, Denim Therapy and David Barton Gym have teamed up to get you looking amazing in your favorite jeans. Check out these photos from the Astor Place Block Party and visit David Barton Gym online to sign up for a free workout through the end of August.



—Sarah Greene and¬†Raquel Zerbe

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Posted Aug 24 2012 in Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy Rescues Your Favorite Jeans!

Meet Harry. Harry is a bachelor living in California who owns three pairs of jeans – vintage, selvedge, holy. But, after two of them fell victim to one too many rips and tears, and Harry’s only remaining denim was mysteriously stained with ink, he felt he had nowhere to turn. Nowhere, that is, until he found Denim Therapy


—Sarah Greene

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Posted Aug 17 2012 in Denim Therapy
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