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Denim Therapy Gives the Gift of Fashion This Mother’s Day

Denim Therapy knows it’s hard to part with your favorite jeans, even when the parting is only during pregnancy — just ask new mom Jessica Simpson. That’s why we offer maternity expansion service! You can keep wearing your best blues, and then when the baby arrives, we’ll convert them back to their pre-prenancy glory for free! It’s a great Mother’s Day gift (or any day gift) for soon-to-be moms. It’s what Obama would want.



—Sarah Greene

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Posted May 11 2012 in Denim Therapy

Maternity Jeans Therapy

Paige Maternity Sale Gilt Groupe

From skinny to bootcut to cropped jeans, Paige Maternity has jeans to cover the mama to be in style.  Yep, Paige Maternity is the maternity jeans line produced by Paige Premium Denim, the denim label that prides itself on expert fit.  Having tried on several pairs of Paige jeans and owning a pair, I can attest that the jeans are super comfy.  Why?  The construction makes you feel sexy and confident, and the interior waistbands are lined with a proprietary fabric that feels luxurious and as comfortable as a pair of pajama pants.  Besides the obvious comfort factor, who wants to go back to the dark ages of maternity fashions (think tent tops and baggy clothes)?  On sale now at Gilt Groupe.


IMG00251Now, if Paige Maternity doesn’t do it for you, then consider turning your tried-and-true blues into your new fave maternity jeans.  How, you may ask?  Denim Therapy, known for restoring old, battered, tattered and shattered jeans into its former glory, can lovingly create a pair of mama jeans in no time flat.  What’s more, you can actually turn them back into regular jeans.  Genius.


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Mar 04 2010 in Denim Therapy

Bespoke Maternity Jeans?

What do pregnant women want in a maternity jean?  Just like finding a diamond, there are three C’s for maternity jeans; Comfort, Cost efficiency and to always remain Chic!

Denim Therapy has launched a maternity service.  Give us your favorite jeans and Denim Therapy will transform them into your favorite maternity jeans.  We’ll insert discreet expandable side inseams that will grow with you, move with you, get you through the nine months and then some.  And when you’re back to your pre-baby figure, we’ll return your jeans back to their pre-baby form.   All for $60! 

Humanitarians?  I think we just may be…just a tad bit.  Read the Times article on how the Gap and Levi Strauss are dumping chemical waste into the water of Lesotho.  Just a travesty!  Hey, every effort to promote sustainable alternatives counts!  So, get your haute mama jeans on with the help of Denim Therapy.











–Nikki Cho Russo


Posted Aug 04 2009 in Denim Therapy
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