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Are Bell Bottom Jeans Coming Back?


Are Bell Bottom Jeans Coming Back?


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Step Sharply! Christian Louboutin Spike Heels

In your journey towards increased bad-assery, you may have come across two materials that proved successful in most instances: spikes, and denim. While the two are usually only seen on the back of Rancid fan jackets in unison, a new era of chic has emerged, and it’s given these classic punk elements a new stage to dance on. Christian Louboutin has introduced the denim spike heel and denim spike loafer. You’ll be able to don a perfectly crisp, professional outfit for work and a quick change of footwear will transform you from skyscraper office to Lower East Side divebar in seconds.



We’ll wrap up with this question: If you could wear denim heels with spike studs embedded in them,  why would you wear anything else? Okay, maybe they’re almost a thousand bucks… but who says you can’t D.I.Y.? We smell a project on the horizon!

For those who have the means, the heels are available at Net-A-Porter. Let us know how they feel.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jan 07 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Product
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