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Dimitri Zoz Debuts Denim Furniture (Really? Yes, Really.)

We’re most familiar with Dimitri Zoz as the designer behind the denim line of the same name, but the Italian brand is making the leap into home goods with the launch of Dimitris Zoz Home. Since we love their precisely embellished jeans and studded shorts (check back on the blog for your chance to score a pair pretty soon!), we’re super-psyched to see what they’ll come up with next, furniture-wise. Their first release, a couch called the Chester, is made out of Tuscan Italian denim that’s been treated with Teflon. The functionality is cool and all, but it’s the poppy colors–from neon yellow to rich purple to a sophisticated charcoal–that truly captures our hearts.

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Images via Denimology

—Brie Hiramine

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Posted Mar 07 2012 in Denim News

Dename: Dutch Design Denim Overload

The Denim Therapy team has jeans on the brain 24/7, but is there such a thing as too much denim in your life? Dename, the Netherland’s purveyor of all things denim, says there’s always “room for denim.” Imagine a site that is a cross between a denim boutique and Etsy (except without the bizarre creations and grease stains passed off as “vintage”), and you get Dename. Need raw denim jeans? How about a denim sculpture to top off your home decorating? Looking for that perfect denim armchair? Better yet, the perfect denim computer chair which has built-in pockets? We may chuckle a bit with all the denim overload, but we dare say there are some really cool things made from jeans and denim scraps, thanks to Dename’s huge community of Dutch designers.

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Editor’s Note: We have been informed the Nudie Jeans pocket is authentic.  Love!  To view more denim apparel, denim art & home furnishings, go to Dename online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Nov 14 2011 in Denim Fashion

Denim Dose: News & Links

Welcome to your morning dose of denim news, links, sales, and everything else we couldn’t help but share. Check out what’s happening (and totally not happening) in the world of denim now. Got a tip you think we should include, a sale you want to share, or a style you just saw and can’t live without? Email us!


1. Rihanna was spotted recently in some denim that’s a few sizes too big (but who’s looking at that? She’s also in a hot red bikini!) while filming her We Found Love music video in Ireland.

2. Gentlemen, if you’re planning on getting a little dapper this fall and wearing a vest, allow us to recommend the Mister Freedom x SugarCane MFSC “Apaches” collection’s INDIGO Métisse vest. It looks as amazing as it sounds.

3. On the other hand, ladies who want to look like filthy rodeo divas who spend one too many hours in the barn (…yep) can find solace in the mud-splattered skinny jeans dsquared just sent down the runway for spring.

4. Elizabeth Olsen is on the cover of the latest NYLON Magazine, and she’s wearing denim!

5. Not enough denim in your life? Closet full, but still want more? How about denim art & furniture! This Netherlands-based website delivers non-stop denim in those very forms.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Sep 28 2011 in Denim News
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