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Gamine Workwear: Raw Denim and Workwear for Women


Gamine Workwear: Raw Denim and Workwear for Women


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Coral Garrett: A Jeans Jacket Exposed to the Elements

Spanish Designer Coral Garrett is a fashionisto (check him out on Lookbook!) and a denim enthusiast.  In his current collection in development, “The Big North Chapter,” Garrett has amassed a collection of vintage denim jackets in which he hand finishes, dyes, pattern change and applies leather pieces on strategic positions. Talk about denim DIY! In this video, Garrett shows how he exposed a denim jacket to the elements (it took three months to complete), which involved tying up his jeans jacket high up in a forest.  We see his reserved excitement as he unhoists his weathered denim jacket and packs it quickly yet carefully, like a hunter who has secured his prey and is eager to take it home for a fine feast.  

When Denim Therapy was first introduced to him, he was a mens accessories designer (man bags, clutches and folios). We are happy he’s expanded his repertoire into the realm of denim. What are you willing to do to yield custom faded denim? For more information, go to Coral Garrett online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan



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Posted Oct 25 2011 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear

AG Jeans Short Film Makes Denim-Designing Look Sexy

Ever wonder what guys think about in bed? If they’re denim experts, they’re probably fitting you for jeans and you don’t even know it! …Or so AG Jeans would like us to believe. Their promotional video features a sultry love scene (possibly NSFW) and in the follow-up, our romantic denim designer ventures to pick some cotton, source some textiles, and have sample jeans made, all with his shirt mysteriously unbuttoned. But does our hero get the girl? Watch and find out!







Watch the AG Jeans film, and visit the AG Jeans official website.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Feb 24 2011 in Denim Therapy
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