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DIY Denim Studded Collar: The Perfect Fall Accessory

Looking to add a little badass to your look this fall? A simple studded denim collar can zing up an outfit in a snap, whether worn free-floating with a low-neck top or as a faux-collar on a button-up shirt. The best part? You can make it yourself in about 25 minutes.

denim diy collar studded

Step 1. Find an old denim shirt at your favorite thrift store, or your closet. Be sure the shirt’s collar is thick enough to hold studs without tearing.

denim diy collar studded 2

Step 2. Carefully cut the collar away from the shirt as shown.

denim diy collar studded 3

denim diy collar studded 2

Step 3. Gather your studs and small-tipped round nose pliers.

Tip: shop Etsy for deals on studs and embellishments. I used 34 total—your count will depend on the desired look.

diy denim studded collar

Step 4. Place your first stud on the collar. Use the sames to guide you.

diy denim studded collar

Step 5. Push the prongs through the back of the fabric. Push fabric down on either side of the prongs using your pliers.

diy denim studded collar

Step 6. Use your pliers to fold the stud prongs down and curl them into the fabric so they are secure.

diy denim studded collar

Step 7. Repeat, and fill up your collar with studs!

diy denim studded collar

diy denim studded collar

diy denim studded collar

Step 8. Wear it out! If you need to wash it, be sure to do so by hand.

diy denim studded collar

Enjoy, and let us know how it goes on our Facebook page!

—Michelle Christina Larsen



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Posted Sep 10 2012 in Denim DIY » Denim Therapy
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