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How To Store Your Jeans

So you already know how to care for your jeans, but once they’re spic-and-span and free of stains, do you know how to properly fold and store them to reduce wear-out? Stylecaster has something to say about that:

“Fold jeans like a pro: Lay jeans on a flat surface, fold in half from left to right. Grab the stacked jean legs and fold them in half so the hem of the jeans lines up with the waistband. Fold the jeans in half one more time.

Denim needs to breathe, so be sure to not pack folded pairs too tightly together on a shelf, or hand denim jackets or vests in a crowded closet”


Check out more of their garment care tips.

—DT Staff 

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The Best Way To Wash Your Jeans

It’s been a while since we waxed denim-addict on ya, so today we’re brushing up on the best ways to wash and care for your jeans. Whether you spilled a glass of wine, got a regular old grass stain or just caught a whiff of your beloved unique-as-a-snowflake raw denim creation, we’ve got the remedy you need below.


General Spot treatment

For those paranoid of losing any indigo hue while spot treating, a combination of white vinegar and water can be sponged over the stain and left for up to 3 hours. Rinse and let air dry. If your jeans are pre-washed or don’t risk dye-loss, spray some OxiClean on the stain and let it sit overnight. Rinse in the morning, and let air dry.

Wax spills

If someone blew out the birthday candles all over your jeans, you can remove very easily, even if it’s dried and crusty. Lay them over a towel, and put a brown paper bag over the wax stain. Press over the brown paper with your iron and watch as the wax is lifted right out of the fibers and into the paper. Depending on the volume of wax, you may need more brown paper — and it may take a few intervals of pressing, but it’ll come out.

Note: You may find this process oddly satisfying. Don’t be surprised if you purposely spill wax all over your jeans in the future, just for fun.

Stinky raw denim

Repeat after us: When raw denim stinks, you no longer the cool guy in raw jeans. You’re the stinky guy in stinky jeans. To remedy this, you have two basic options. One is to turn them inside-out and hand wash them with a gentle laundry soap of white vinegar/water combo, and hang to dry. Another is to put them in a freezer bag and let them sit in the freezer over night. You’ll have to decide which you prefer, depending on your own personal level of stink.

Pre-washed denim

Turn these babies inside-out, throw them in the washer, and hang them to dry. Bada-bing!


Got questions about caring for your jeans? Shoot us an email at

—DT Staff


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Denim Therapy’s Denim Care Tips Featured in PopSugar

Via PopSugar: Today, we’re sitting down with the jean experts at Denim Therapy to learn the best practices for taking care of your jeans! From the washing dos and dont’s to how to hem your jeans (the right way!) and fix holes, we’re highlighting the most important things you need to follow to preserve your favorite pair of jeans!


Click the image above to watch the video!

—DT Staff

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Posted Apr 10 2013 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

4 Ways To Perfect Your Denim Wardrobe This Spring

Spring’s officially here, and spring cleaning/wardrobe-refresh is just as important as dusting, vacuuming, and polishing your way to a clean home. If you’re anything like us, your denim collection has multiplied since last spring and it’s time to get it back in check. Maybe you lost weight, changed tastes, or want to try something new? In any case, read on for our version of a denim closet face lift.


1. Cover your bases. Own a pair of gorgeous dark-wash jeans, a few fierce prints, a flare (or wide leg) jean, and classic cut-off’s. Shop our favorite dark wash jeans below:dark-wash-jeans-shopping-guide

1. 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Jeans

2. MOTHER The Looker mid-rise skinny jeans

3. Current/Elliott The Roller mid-rise boyfriend-fit jeans


Shop our favorite printed jeans below:


1. Current/Elliott The Stiletto printed cropped jeans

2. Diane Von Furstenberg The Classic mid-rise skinny jeans

3. Rag & Bone Goetz printed mid-rise skinny jeans


Shop our favorite flare-leg/wide-leg jeans below:

flare leg jeans shopping guide

1. MiH Jeans Miramar mid-rise wide-leg chambray jeans

2. Christopher Kane mid-rise flare leg jeans

3. Michael by Michael Kors Faded mid-rise wide-leg jeans


Shop our favorite classic cut-off’s below:

denim cut-off shorts shopping guide

1. J Brand Cut-off low-rise denim shorts

2. Christopher Kane Neon stretch-denim cut-off shorts

3. KSUBI Alberceque cut-off denim shorts


2. Tailor your jeans so they fit you flawlessly. We offer expert tailoring services (and you don’t need to live in NYC to achieve a perfect fit!) You can also get cut-off’s made from existing fav’s that need a twist.


Tailor your jeans to the perfect size now!


Transform your jeans into custom cut-off’s now!


3. Brush up on your denim care techniques. Below, 5 tips for doing so.

- How to wash your jeans.

- How to remove an odor from your vintage jeans.

- How to remove wax from jeans (and how to remove gum).

- How to store & organize your jeans.

- How to wash raw denim.


4. Add a little vintage denim to the mix. Shop in thrift stores or second-hand stores to find unique (sometimes bizarre and DIY-inspiring) denim pieces to set your collection apart.

vintage denim shopping etsy

Above:  Vintage high-waisted denim shorts in rainbow stripe ($32) – buy it at In The Hammock Vintage. 70s HANG TEN vintage denim overalls ($72) – buy it at Passé Nouveau VintageVintage chambray soft denim shirt ($40) – buy it at Capricorne.

Some of our favorite vintage shops, with locations cross-country, are listed below.

- Beacon’s Closet

- Salvation Army

- Buffalo Exchange

- Crossroads Trading

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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How To Get Gum Out Of Your Jeans

Got gum stuck in your jeansImogene + Willie has a great tip for getting them clean again (with a highly amusing anecdote about what a night of hard partying will do to a gum chewer). The inquiring gum-sufferer explains their dilemma below…

Dear Rhett-

As I was flying home yesterday, I was horrified to find that I had sat in some gum and really ground it into the back of my one-month-old Barton Rigids. Fortunately, it isn’t too huge of a spot, but I am struggling with what to do. I have attempted to get the gum out by hand, but that is pretty fruitless at this point.

Thanks for your help.

Kevin Isaacs


Imogene + Willie’s store manager Rhett replies below…



Oddly enough, this very thing happened to me, though I wasn’t on a plane.I am an avid gum chewer and went to bed with gum in my mouth. Went to bed in his jeans, you might ask? OK, let’s be honest: after a big night out, I stumbled to my room and fell into bed, obviously not caring what was on my body or in my mouth.

When i woke up, the gum was in my arm hair and between my legs. I have no idea how this happened. I’m lucky the spot on my jeans wasn’t visible: I washed them in cold water, hung them to dry, and, because I like the rigid, non-broken-in look, ironed them with spray starch. You can still see where the gum was a little bit, but I don’t mind.

Here are two remedies you can try. Both involve freezing the gum. Keep in mind that neither is guaranteed to work, but it never hurts to try.

- Rub an ice cube on the gummed-up spot. When the residue freezes, it should be relatively easy to scrape off.

- Place the jeans in the freezer for an hour or more; as with the ice cube, the frozen gum should peel right off.

In either case, when you get the spot clean, rub dish soap into any leftover stain with a soft clean cloth and launder as usual.

good luck!

Be well,


Original tip via Imogene + Willie. Did this trick work for you? Let us know!

—DT Staff

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Denim Resolutions For 2012: Care & Style

Whether or not you keep all of them, it’s never a bad idea to make a list of resolutions for the new year and hang them up somewhere to remind yourself what habits you should drop (or form). While we’re going to leave the “stop smoking/work out more/be nicer to Aunt Flo” resolutions up to you, we’ll give you a cheat sheet of denim-related resolutions to keep taped to the inside of your closet door. And of course, we’ll be here throughout the year if you need us to assist you in sticking to them.

2012 Resolutions For Denim Care

1. I will not wash my jeans after every wear. When I wash them, I’ll use Woolite to protect their color and consistency. If I have to wash my raw denim,  I will try heat, vinegar, and freezing before I resort to H2O. If washing just won’t remove the stink, I’ll put my vodka stash to good use.

2. I will not let my angry ex-lovers anywhere near my denim collection, nor will I ride my motorcycle in my most expensive pair of jeans.

3. I’ll take good care of my leather patches with the proper leather cleanser.

4. If I’m not a raw denim-head who loves blue jean bruises, I’ll soften my jeans the quick way.

5. I will monogram my jeans with my initials before lending them to jealous BFF’s who might claim they belong to them.


2012 Resolutions For Denim Style (For Women)

1. I will not have ill-fitting jeans. I will get them hemmed and tailored as needed so I look awesome!

2. I will buy lipstick that perfectly compliments my favorite pair of jeans.

3. I will choose jeans with pockets that make my butt look great.

4. When it’s time to let go of old jeans, I’ll donate them to make room for a better fitting pair that make me feel great.

5. I’ll give boyfriend jeans a try (or some other style I didn’t try in 2011).


2012 Resolutions For Denim Style (For Men)

1. I will not have ill-fitting jeans. I will get them hemmed and tailored as needed so I look awesome!

2. I will combine preppy, rockstar, and hip hop sensibilities for the perfect outfit.

3. I’ll wear a denim bowtie, at least once.

4. I’ll wear colored denim until I find my favorite color.

5. I’ll go beyond the generic denim workshirt, whether it’s stripes, embroidery, or mixing washes.


And as a bonus…

I’ll learn to say “jeans” in as many languages as possible!


Happy New Year!

—DT Staff

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How To Keep Jeans Clean Without Losing Your Denim Snob Street Cred

“Don’t wash your jeans!”

We hear it over and over, and many of us abide by this denim-addict’s rule of thumb when it comes to letting denim take its shape around your figure, and letting wear happen naturally. But the fact is, after a certain period of time, you’re going to want to remove odors, dirt, and even dead skin cells (yep, their final resting place is your jeans).  Freezing denim removes odor to some extent, but if you’ve decided it’s time to take action with *gulp* water… there’s a right way to do it.

Check out this awesome tutorial on washing raw denim from Park & Bond (and visit the original to see their informative graphics).

Step 1: Fill a sink, tub, bucket or other jean-sized vessel with lukewarm water and a small amount of ultra-mild detergent. Woolite Dark is a good bet, but it’s very concentrated, so start with just a couple of teaspoons. Take a deep breath, ignore the anticipated slights from the hip police running through your mind, and put your smelly-ass jeans in the tub. Make sure they’re fully submerged (this may require you to weigh them down).

Step 2: Soak them for about an hour, giving them a stir half way through to loosen any dirt that’s worked its way into the denim.

Step 3: Remove the jeans, drain the tub (of course), and rinse them thoroughly with cold water to remove detergent residue. Roll them up in a dry towel that you don’t mind staining blue to remove some moisture.

Step 4: Hang them out to dry. (Note: Make sure you hang them in a place that has good air movement, as you don’t want your jeans to mildew. Also, take care to hang them somewhere that won’t be ruined by a steady flow of indigo-infused water.) Do not tumble dry, as all that heat will undo your good work. Once your jeans are dry, pull them on and proceed to beat the hell out of ‘em till they need a bath again.

Original tutorial via Park & Bond.

—DT Staff

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Closet Cleaning! Four Reasons To Ditch A Few Pairs Of Jeans

As you guys already know, we’re not really advocates of getting rid of jeans. In fact, we offer a huge range of reasons to keep ‘em with our Denim Therapy expert repair and alterations services, because even if they tear, you lose weight, or they don’t fit quite right, there’s a way to fix them up and make them your favorite pair again. But if you’re like us, you have about 100 pairs of jeans floating around, and sometimes donating denim to make room for superior pairs is a good idea.


1. When they are covered in rhinestones and you used to love them in Junior high. Seriously, we’re proud of you for still being able to fit into them, but they’re covered in rhinestones and you’re not in Junior high anymore. We’re sure some 12-year-old girl would love to uncover them while treasure hunting at a local thrift store.

2. When they’re three sizes too small and you used to love them in Junior high. If you want to be confident and feel amazing in jeans, wearing the same ones you wore in days-gone-by (while that might make you feel “young” for a minute) is not the way to do it. Wearing jeans that fit your figure now will help you look proportionate and stylish in ways ill-fitting jeans cannot.

3. If the pocket placement makes your butt look too big/too small/ too awkward. There are a lot of things you can modify when it comes to denim, but pocket placement is a crucial aspect of whether or not your butt looks good in jeans. Your denim collection should reflect trial and error pocket placement according to the unique shape of your bum.

4. If you have more than six pairs of the same cut/style/wash. We can sympathize here, as denim-lovers ourselves, but sometimes the extra closet space to branch out in your denim wardrobe is more valuable than owning a hundred of the same pair. The beauty of jeans is that they can be worn over and over without daily washing, so having a back-up arsenal of verbatim styles is not necessary. Why not explore some new cuts and colors in jeans instead?


We hope that helps. Be sure to check out 7 ways to make your butt look better in jeans and five reasons Denim Therapy should fix your jeans today, too.

Ready to donate? Find a local Salvation Army near you!

—DT Staff

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How To Avoid Destroying Your Jeans When You Wash Them

Ruined jeans? Colors faded or dye bleeding? Oh no! Chances are, it could have been prevented. Garde Robe imparts some knowledge on making sure you don’t destroy your jeans when you’re washing and caring for them. This tip comes from our previously Q&A, which you can read for more expert advice.


“We’ve all had the experience of a pair of jeans bleeding or shrinking in wash. It’s important like any garment, to read and follow the care instructions for each and every pair of denim jeans we own.

Follow the instructions carefully to keep them looking bright and new, or break all the rules and create the denim you want. I’d always recommend washing denim by hand, if not professionally. If you do machine wash your jeans, I’d recommend separating and washing your jeans individually in a cold wash to prevent bleeding & shrinking.

Wash inside out with all buttons or zippers unfastened. Use a half-sized amount of color guard detergent of your preference. Wash on a gentle or hand dry cycle. When done, tumble dry on a low heat, never high. Remove from dryer when still damp to touch. Dry flat.”

—DT Staff

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Posted Nov 16 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Wear & Care! What You Need To Know About Denim This Fall

Style blog Lavish Livez gave us a great summary of top notch men’s denim for fall yesterday, complete with styling tips and accessories suggestions. Today he’s sharing five tips on wearing and caring for denim, so you can get the most out of your trusty jeans this season. Check them out below.

1. When your raw denim starts smelling funky (as washing regularly is a no-no), there are a few things you can do. Put them in the freezer, add dryer sheets to the pockets overnight, or dry clean them. I advise against washing raw denim for the first six months.

2. When you buy raw denim to begin with, buy the snuggest fit possible. They’ll stretch out.

3. Don’t be afraid to get rough with them! That’s how raw denim gets it charm and eventually begins to tell the story of its owner by wear and tear.

4. When you wash any denim, use Woolite. It will help preserve the original color.

5. Find a good tailor, it isn’t 1992 anymore, so your pants shouldn’t be hanging off a la Kriss Kross.

—DT Staff & Lavish Livez

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Posted Oct 11 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips
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