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Storage Solutions: An Interview with Garde Robe

Imagine having endless closet space (big sigh, especially if you live in a Manhattan apartment)- well now you can with Garde Robe luxury wardrobe storage and valet service. Now that’s living the high life. Denim Therapy had the opportunity to get a closer look into the Garde Robe lifestyle closets and ask them a few questions.


Denim Therapy: How do you recommend storing denim (do you fold them, hang them up on hangers—which kind?

Garde Robe: Denim is functional in storage, just like in wear. We leave an impression on our denim. A personal tread is uniquely contoured on denim given the elements you afford it and the frequency in which you wear it. So for storage, you have to consider how often you both wear and wash your jeans. Separate the everyday jeans from the nicer, occasional jeans. Everyday jeans are likely washed more frequently, therefore the shrink and fade are expected, unlike what you’d want from your usually more expensive, occasionally worn jeans. If you like the washed denim look of whiskers and honeycomb, then creases and fades shouldn’t be a bother, just fold your jeans. Lay them flat and face up, fold long with rear pockets facing, take them and fold to meet over top of pocket, fold remaining waistband towards self, and last, fold once more to cover waistband. Stack.

Denim is an American standard, and jeans have become acceptable in many professional work environments. Therefore, you probably have those solid color jeans you’d like to keep from wrinkle or fade, jeans you can wear to work or dinner with a sharp jacket or nice shoes. Keep these less worn, nicer jeans on a skirt/pant hanger with clips in your closet. It’s best to use a hanger with non abrasive clips, without sharp teeth. The clasp should have a smooth, rounded edge, or simply use foam padding for cushioning. Hang your jeans free and open from the waistband, never from the leg hem, as this creates a bottom heavy hang, which creates stress on the denim. Remember; never fold your nice jeans over a hanger bar, as it will undoubtedly create unwanted fade lines and creases.

Today, a trend, believe it or not, must also be considered for denim storage. Dry, pre wash cotton denim is fast becoming the new fad. Better known as raw denim, these untreated jeans require a specialist’s cleaning, unless you intend to shrink and fade the denim yourself. Many boutique denim dealers will recommend you not wash raw denim for months, to better outline the wear you provide them. The idea is for the denim to map your figure, and give it an identity of your own. In fact, they’ll jokingly recommend your floor as the best place to store them. I say keep raw denim how you like, that’s the fun of it.

DT: On average how many articles of denim do your clients have?

GR: Garde Robe clients keep a dozen or so pair of jeans with us through each season, often the heavy denim during the Spring/Summer season, and the lighter denim during the Fall/Winter season. Denim skirts don’t seem to be a popular trend right now, but you can find a short skirt or two in a Spring/Summer season. Though, denim trends constantly change in the fashion world.  A staple you can find in almost any closet is a light denim jacket.

DT: What kind of brands of jeans do you see in their closet?

GR: The new Decades Denim line by Cameron Silver is all the rage. (You can read our Decades Denim review as well as our exclusive interview with Decades Denim to get a better insight). Men & women Garde Robe clients alike wear a variety of the staple jean brands, such as Levis, Gap, or Lucky. The more fashion-forward type client tends to wear brands such as Earnest Sewn, J Brand, Genetic, or 7 For All Mankind. For women clients, I’d say Ralph Lauren or Armani is most the most abundant jean brand found in a Garde Robe closet. For men, I’d say the classic Levi’s brand.

DT: How do you take care of their jeans as far as cleaning (detergent brands, dry cleaning methods) and/or repair?

GR: We’ve all had the experience of a pair of jeans bleeding or shrinking in wash. It’s important like any garment, to read and follow the care instructions for each and every pair of denim jeans we own. Follow the instructions carefully to keep them looking bright and new, or break all the rules and create the denim you want. I’d always recommend washing denim by hand, if not professionally. If you do machine wash your jeans, I’d recommend separating and washing your jeans individually in a cold wash to prevent bleeding & shrinking. Wash inside out with all buttons or zippers unfastened. Use a half-sized amount of color guard detergent of your preference. Wash on a gentle or hand dry cycle. When done, tumble dry on a low heat, never high. Remove from dryer when still damp to touch. Dry flat.

DT: When your clients travel how do you pack their jeans?

GR: We either fold them as described in question one. If they request a wardrobe box, we’ll hang them as described in question one.

DT:  Is there any specific season to wear denim or do you feel it’s all year round? Or perhaps certain denim for certain seasons (you can elaborate)?

GR: Denim originally was used as a utility fabric, for blue-collar workers due to durability. It wasn’t until the 50’s that denim became a fashionable fabric amongst the teenagers. Rock ‘n’ roll’s rise was parallel in its popularity. Today, denim is popular with all ages throughout the world. It isn’t exclusively casual. To learn more about Garde Robe please visit their website here. And let’s see if you can manage to DIY the next time you feel like doing some spring cleaning!

— Jackie Racer

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Weekly Round Up: Our Best Denim Posts of the Week

Missed out on anything this week? We make catching up easy with our round up of the most exciting blog posts we cooked up for you in the past seven days. You’re welcome!


1. 7 For All Mankind S/S 2011 Lookbook—Keeping with its causal yet sophisticated appeal, variety is the name of the game for 7 For All Mankind for the upcoming Spring Summer 2011 season.  From fits and washes to a broad selection of denim pieces, there is something here for everyone… Keep reading! ?

2. Winter Fur Fever!—Fur is experiencing a resurgence in the fashion scene, again!  Fur coats, vests, fur-trimmed boots (not counting UGGs) and gloves, plus lots of hats, have all popped up all over online boutiques.  After all, it’s cuddly, warm and can be very dramatic!… Keep reading! ?

3.  Gift Guide: Vintage Denim—When you think exemplary gift-giving, it doesn’t always have to be shiny, new,  and off the shelf. Some of the best gifts we’ve received have been sentimental and second handKeep reading! ?

4. Holiday DIY: Denim Gift Wrap—Sprucing up your closet for the holidays? Don’t get rid of those old ill-fitting jeans! The holiday windows at Mavi in Union Square reminded us of one other fabulous way to make use of your denim once its days in your wardrobe are through… Keep reading! ?

5. Christmas in Cali: Wildfox Holiday 2010 Lookbook—Who says the Holidays are meant to be cold? Take a hint from Wildfox. Grab your Santa hat, skimpy tanks, skin tight jeans, and head to beach for a California Christmas!… Keep reading! ?

6. Revisiting a Decade: Decades Denim Exclusive Interview—Decades Denim is the new “must have” denim (here at Denim Therapy, we were quick to hand out a rave review). The jeans have just hit the shelves, and now comes the buzz!  We present our exclusive interview with Cameron Silver and Angelique Soave… Keep reading! ?

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Revisiting a Decade: Decades Denim Exclusive Interview


Decades Denim is the new “must have” denim (here at Denim Therapy, we were quick to hand out a rave review). The jeans have just hit the shelves, and now comes the buzz!  We present our exclusive interview with Cameron Silver and Angelique Soave.

DT: How can you keep your price point so low?
CS and AS: We worked really hard to make the collection affordable, yet look luxurious.. Even though the price point is low, we didn’t compromise on the quality of the collection.

DT: What kind of woman will be wearing your jeans? How will they wear it? And where will they be going?
CS and AS: All women will be wearing the jeans.  We have 11 styles in the Holiday Collection so we have something for everyone.  They will wear the collection from day to night from casual to cocktail.

DT: What made you want to design something new?
CS: I work so often with high end luxury couture pieces that I wanted to create a brand that all women can wear.
AS: I could never find a pair of jeans that fit so it was natural for me to want to create a denim collection.

DT: Do you have a muse? Favorite designer?
CS: Angelique is my muse for the collection. She’s stylish, beautiful and creative.
AS: There are so many designers that I love it’s hard to pick one.

DT: Does your collection have any correlation to vintage couture?
CS and AS: Definitely. Because we both love vintage, our collection is vintage inspired with a timeless yet modern feeling for the everyday woman.

DT: Why denim? And why now?
CS and AS: We decided that we wanted to create something affordable.  We both love luxury items but wanted women to be able to pair their high end pieces with a great denim jean..  For so many women, they build their wardrobe
around denim and we are offering chic denim that enhances your wardrobe.

DT: Where do you see the future of denim?
CS and AS: It isn’t going anyway that’s for sure.  I think after so many seasons of distressed denim,  our cleaned-up and minimally branded collection looks fresh.

DT: Any trends or denim styles you love?
CS and AS: We love the boot cut!

DT: Can you give us some insight for the next decades season?
CS and AS: For Spring, we have expanded the collection to include items other than jeans.  We will have new styles of jeans, vests, dresses, and shorts. We are very excited in where we are going with the collection.

Here are a few celebrities already rocking the look—photos from Denim Blog.


It’s time to follow their lead – check out Decades Denim to find a pair that’s perfect for you!

— Jackie Racer

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Ladies, It’s Your Decade

Cameron Silver, the retail genius behind haute-vintage store Decades and haute-consignment shop Decades 2, is branching out a step further with a line of luxury (yet affordable) jeans. We’re talking luxury Japanese denim with price tags between $99- $119.00. Dubbed Decades Denim, the new line features everything from body-conscious to boot cuts, with each look named after a different woman. The first style in the collection is named after Angelique Soave, who is co-founder and chief merchandising officer (not to mention the muse behind it all).


The debut holiday collection screams- HOT! There are 11 styles titled the denim trousseau, since each style has a useful place in a woman’s wardrobe. The chic everyday basics in the line include the Angelique, a pocketless skinny jean, the Cheryl—a true straight leg, the Angie, an all-American boot cut style and the Tina, a clean jean legging with an exposed mixed metal zipper.

Following Decades Denim’s basics are the line’s sophisticated fashion pieces, made up of timeless styles such as the Marilyn—a cropped cigarette jean, the Martha, a jean legging with strategically placed figure-flattering seams, the Sophia, a curved-seam jean legging with a half elastic waist, perfect for fuller figures, and the Ali – a multifunctional and fashionable slim cropped-cargo jean with wrap around pockets.


Decades Denim also caters to the stylish woman who wants a sleek, dressier look with pieces such as the Marlene – a sexy tuxedo pant with a shoe revealing rounded hem, the Charlotte—a sophisticated high waist trouser jean, and the Nadja, a long and virtually seamless velvet skinny jean aimed for the taller femme fatale and black-tie chic! Check out all of the styles here.

Ladies, this is your DECADE! But don’t worry guys, there’s a men’s line in the works as well… Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Decades Denim.

— Jackie Racer & Michelle Christina Larsen

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