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Dakota Fanning Needs Serious Denim Therapy… And a Stylist!

Dakota Fanning was caught at the airport wearing her sister’s highly distressed Acne jeans, an Opening Ceremony cat sweater, and a John Mayer-esque hat. We’re struggling to understand how this entire ensemble happened, but one thing we do know is that her sister does not wear the same size she does and these jeans are a great example of how not to wear holy denim. Fortunately for Dakota, she can easily send these jeans to us at Denim Therapy and we will tailor them so they actually fit her, as well as repair all those superfluous holes. We’ll be your stylist, Ms. Fanning. Don’t worry.

dakota-fanning-bad-jeans-cat sweater

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Posted May 18 2012 in Denim Therapy
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