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Daily Denim Tip: How To Care For The Leather Patches On Your Jeans

If your jeans’ leather patches are tarnished or have absorbed excessive oil, causing discoloration (which is inevitable, by the way), you can follow a few easy steps to keep them looking good. This guide comes courtesy of the Fifth Requisite blog, and you can find the entire process with easy-to follow-photos there.

You’ll rub Steklean or another leather cleanser on the surface of the patch. Wipe it around until thoroughly coated. Then, wipe the patch with a damp cloth to remove the cleaner. After it’s dried completely, apply your favorite leather-protecting solution to the surface. The result will be a clean, gorgeous leather patch that looks good as new.

Image via Baldwin.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jul 20 2011 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Daily Denim Tip: Deciding The Perfect Hem Length

Wear your jeans, if only around the house, before you have them hemmed. It’s important to see how much they’ll be bunching up around the waist/behind the knees before you hem them too short! And remember, if you’re in a hemming-pinch, Denim Therapy offers professional hemming services. Need additional help with your hem length? Check out our hem-length guide.

—Renee Sykes

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Posted Jun 21 2011 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy

Daily Denim Tip: What Denim You Should Wear In The Summer

Despite the smoldering heat, sometimes you just can’t pass up your favorite baby-blues. But how do you survive the summer without style-induced heat-stroke? Refinery29 had a chat with stylist Chrissy Volk on the topic of staying cool and stylish this summer, and she had a few things to say about wearing denim into the warmest months.


“If you’ve got to wear jeans, Chrissy suggests denim that’s made with a high-cotton content and low synthetic materials. A jean with either a 98% cotton-2% lycra, or 96 % cotton-4% lycra fabric are good combinations. “

Quote via Refinery29, & Chrissy Volk.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jun 17 2011 in Ask the Denim Stylist » Denim Therapy
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