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Denim Icon: Kurt Cobain


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Is anyone more iconic of early ???90s fashion than Kurt Cobain?  The epitome of angst-ridden rocker-cool, Cobain brought us the laid-back look of ripped denim, grandpa cardigans, and flannel button downs.  His look, started in Seattle but copied by teens everywhere, totally thumbed its nose at the power-driven, label-conscious fashion that was the late ???80s, and created a laid-back vibe that continues to be reinvented season after season.  Designers consistently send Cobain-inspired looks down the runways and we continue to embrace the look. Whether you scour the thrift stores for authentic flannels, create your own DIY ripped denim or flaunt the latest couture grunge-inspired looks, this ???90s fashion statement is here for the long-run.  


Liza Pinard

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Posted Jul 28 2009 in Uncategorized
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