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A Quick Q&A With Kevin Harter, VP of Men’s Fashion Direction At Bloomingdales

When Denim Therapy was hanging out at the NYLON Guys’ VIP shopping event at Bloomingdales last week, we had the chance to chat up Kevin Harter, Vice President of men’s fashion direction, after he had a go at the old fashioned carnival games and was cheered by his enthused employees. We’ve gotta say, he’s a charmer! Here’s what he had to say about what’s happening in denim now.


Kevin Harter: Hello Denim Therapy!

Denim Therapy: Hello! We want to know what you’re excited about this season in denim.

KH: That denim is back, actually. We’re seeing guys get back into jeans and become denim snobs again, which is nice.

DT: We totally agree.

KH: Yeah, and we’re seeing different personalities emerge in denim—all we saw for a while were skinny jeans and now we’re seeing the straight leg and the boot cut come back, we’re seeing colored denim come back… and one thing I think is really exciting is that we’re seeing more corduroy…

DT: Yes! We love cords. What are some recent consumer trends you’re seeing right now?

KH: Definitely colored denim and corduroy.

DT: Awesome. So, what are you going to be for Halloween?

KH: An auto-mechanic! I wear a suit all the time, so it’s nice to get out of it.

—-Michelle Christina Larsen


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Posted Oct 20 2011 in Denim News » Interviews
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