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Welcome to your morning dose of denim news, links, sales, and other irresistible tid bits of denim industry inside info & our personal picks after scanning the web. Check out what’s happening (and totally not happening) in the world of denim now. Got a tip you think we should include, a sale you want to share, or a style you just saw and can’t live without? Email us!


1. What if finding the perfect pair of jeans was as easy as getting a body scan? Acustom is the the denim line belonging to the latest brand promising custom jeans through this methodFitted Fashion. The Soho NYC design studio, aiming to be a platform for companies to provide custom clothing to their clients, will open in early 2012.

2. We love this post—confession of the worst jeans bloggers around the blogosphere have ever owned.

3. Diesel is re-launching their womenswear collection with a new design team, headed by Heikki Salonen. The line will be aimed at women ages 25-35 and see improved silhouettes. Sounds good to us!

4. Rockstar Denim opened a store in Paris, in the 7th District at 7 Rue de Grenelle, opposite the Christian Louboutin boutique. So, if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and grab some cool denim and t-shirts.

5. Tired of looking at stick-thin girls in jeans, trying to figure out what will look good on your fabulous curves? Check out Girls With Curves for photos of a gorgeous gal above size 30, looking fly  in varied denim styles.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Weekly Round Up: Our Best Denim Posts of the Week

Missed out on anything this week? We make catching up easy with our round up of the most exciting blog posts we cooked up for you in the past seven days. You’re welcome!


1. Step Sharply! Christian Louboutin Spike Heels—In your journey towards increased bad-assery, you may have come across two materials that proved successful in most instances: spikes, and denim. While the two are usually only seen on the back of Rancid fan jackets in unison, a new era of chic has emerged, and it’s given these classic punk elements a new stage to dance on. Christian Louboutin has introduced the denim spike heel and denim spike loafer… Keep Reading! ?

2. Boy’s Games That Denim Plays—There are two things that will always be true: boys will be boys and denim will be always be our partner in crime. This playful editorial from new wave online magazine The Ones 2 Watch (which showcases the work of some the fashion industry’s up and coming talent from photographers to stylists) makes us want to get out of the city, head to the nearest forest, get rowdy and play rough… Keep Reading! ?

3. One Way or the Other: Reversible Jeans—In the age of shrinking urban closet space and increasing need for innovative looks on the street, this is a refreshing item to add to your arsenal. Bleulab has patented their reversible jeans, which remain functional in their standard fiber thickness (rather than layer two textiles, they are made of one piece of fabric woven to appear contrasting on two sides)… Keep Reading! ?

4. Sportmax Code S/S 2011—With the Holidays done and over with it’s on to the next matter of business: your Spring Summer wardrobe! And one collection you’ll definitely want to get your hands on is Sportmax Code if you want to be on trend. The young and hip label from the Max Mara Group captures the spirit of the seventies with modern high-rise wide leg jeans, double denim looks, and feminine yet bold prints… Keep Reading! ?

5. Sex Sells! Denim of Virtue Spring 2011 Lookbook—The Denim of Virtue spring 2011 lookbook has us literally aching for summer, with acid wash shorts (as short as they come), bleached out gradient jeans with zip side details, boyfriend-cut cargos, high-waisted skirts, and visions of all the lounging we’ll be doing once the winter weather breaks… Keep Reading! ?

6. Lohan is Back in BlackLindsay Lohan and her assistant Eleanore were spotted together this week in Beverly Hills. Lohan looking fit and happy, the actress wore Black Orchid’s High rise Jeggings in Newton wash with a plaid shirt and accessorized with a cashmere loop scarf and mixed metal chains… Keep Reading! ?

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Step Sharply! Christian Louboutin Spike Heels

In your journey towards increased bad-assery, you may have come across two materials that proved successful in most instances: spikes, and denim. While the two are usually only seen on the back of Rancid fan jackets in unison, a new era of chic has emerged, and it’s given these classic punk elements a new stage to dance on. Christian Louboutin has introduced the denim spike heel and denim spike loafer. You’ll be able to don a perfectly crisp, professional outfit for work and a quick change of footwear will transform you from skyscraper office to Lower East Side divebar in seconds.



We’ll wrap up with this question: If you could wear denim heels with spike studs embedded in them,  why would you wear anything else? Okay, maybe they’re almost a thousand bucks… but who says you can’t D.I.Y.? We smell a project on the horizon!

For those who have the means, the heels are available at Net-A-Porter. Let us know how they feel.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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WWD News: Gucci Spotlights Mary J Blige Charity and Pop-Up Shop, Unity Rules at CFDA New Members Bash, Crew Spring Presentation: Opposites Attract, Stefanel Unveils New Store Concept, The Fashion Scoops

Gucci opens a pop-up shop on Crosby Street in Soho. Doors open on Saturday displaying the Gucci and DJ Mark Ronson collaboration sneakers that are sold out.  

J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons for women’s and Frank Muytjens??™ men??™s spring presentation mixed dressy and utilitarian.  This is my go-to store for great classically, well-made, affordable pieces that you can mix with jeans and more edgier pieces for a great updated look that will take you from day to evening for both women and men.  

Read today’s highlights from WWD below.

–Nikki Cho Russo


Gucci Spotlights Mary J Blige Charity and Pop-Up Shop


maryj-blidgeGucci was at both ends of greater New York on Thursday, feting a new partnership with Mary J. Blige??™s charity in nearby Yonkers, N.Y., while preparing to open its Gucci-Icon Temporary pop-up store in SoHo.

Creative director Frida Giannini, Blige and branding impresario Steve Stoute gathered in Yonkers to open the new Mary J. Blige Center for Women, a partnership between The Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN) ??” the charity that Blige and Stoute cofounded in 2007 ??” and Westchester Jewish Community Services (WCJS). 

The center has three central goals: to educate, empower and encourage women, noted Blige. 

???As a child, I never saw a confident woman ??” I only saw women being abused,??? said the singer, who grew up in Yonkers. ???There was so much pain growing up ??” it would have been in vain if I didn??™t put myself out there. That??™s why I am here; that??™s why FFAWN exists. I want every girl and woman who walks through this door to know that she is loved ??” no matter who is telling her she isn??™t loved.???

guccishoesBlige emphasized domestic abuse and low self-esteem know no socioeconomic boundaries. ???I??™m not just talking about helping women in the poverty-stricken areas ??” I am also talking about the broken homes of the wealthy where the child is watching mom and dad arguing, and she grows up being abused by some man, as well,??? she said. 

???Mary is an inspiration for us all,??? said Giannini, who is also a board member of the PPR Foundation for Women??™s Dignity and Rights. ???She is a woman who really talks from her heart and from her own experiences, and she is a living example for all women in the world. And at the same time, Gucci is a very powerful brand that can communicate in a very strong way. I thought that, together, we could make something very impressive. I think it??™s important to show that fashion isn??™t just about clothes and accessories ??” it??™s about being involved with initiatives like this one and social responsibility.??? 

Giannini has designed a limited edition, stainless-steel women??™s Twirl watch, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit FFAWN. The watch, which retails for $1,895, is available at Gucci stores, and select department stores. 

The charity had its roots in a conversation Blige and Stoute had at the 2007 Grammys, noted Stoute. ???I asked her, ???In your highest of highs, what are you most passionate about???™ And she said, ???Giving back and helping women. I??™ve had support systems that have come into my life and helped me become who I am, and I want to be able to provide that foundation to as many women as I can.??™??? 

gucci-chaufferNext, Stoute and Blige plan to expand FFAWN workshop programming throughout the five boroughs of New York City, and in 2010 will implement scholarship programs which fund tuition for educational degrees and vocational training programs, as well as implement a grant program that suppor

ts women??™s organizations. Eventually, Stoute and Blige hope to take FFAWN??™s work global. 

Meanwhile, Gucci??™s pop-up store on Crosby Street in Manhattan will open to the public Saturday morning, yet the company is hoping to close the space even before its two-week run is over. The boutique, its white-washed walls covered in the signature Gucci evergreen and red stripes, will pack up as soon as its wares ??” which include the Gucci Ronson sneaker, a collaboration with celebrity DJ Mark Ronson ??” are sold out.

Click here to read the full article


Unity Rules at CFDA New Members Bash



Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen
Photo by Kristen Somody Whalen



Jason Wu and Guest. Photo by Kristen Somody Whalen

NEW YORK ??” No one needs reminding that the economy is in tatters, so the CFDA??™s new members party Wednesday provided reason to present a united front. 

???This is the Kiwanis Club of our business and it is good to be in it, especially in a time like this,??? said David Rees, co-founder of Ten Thousand Things, who was welcoming newbie Lorraine Schwartz to the fold. 

Despite the ongoing catch-as-catch-can retail scene, a few of the rookies at the Four Seasons restaurant said they are more interested in seeing what they can give rather than what they can glean from others. 

Olsen, who has been inducted with her sister, Ashley, said, ???Diane [von Furstenberg] said it best: ???It really feels like you are part of a family.??™???


Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. Photo by Kristen Somody Whalen

After a few years on the designer circuit, the pair is committed purely for professional reasons, not publicity ones. Asked if she felt more at ease with the fashion crowd than the Hollywood one, Mary-Kate Olsen said, ???I don??™t really know the Hollywood scene. This is my day job. This is what I do every day. The clothes speak for themselves. The clothing is all made in the U.S., and there??™s a certain integrity to that.??? 

Having just been brought up to speed about the Save the Garment Center campaign, Olsen, who can routinely be found at her West 39th Street factory, said she was keen to pitch in. ???We need it, as well. I hope we can save it,??? she said. 

Jason Wu said he was also on board. ???It??™s not so much what I can gain as it is what I can contribute. I produce 90 percent of my collection in New York, and I would love to preserve the garment center,??? he said. ???The CFDA has been really important in bringing American fashion to the forefront.??? 

Another inductee, Chris Benz, soon will be making his presence in the neighborhood better known. Next week he will relocate his showroom to 247 West 37th Street, where the space is twice as large as his current one around the corner. While packing was pressing on his mind, none of the more seasoned CFDA-ers had offered any pointers about business. ???Not yet, but the night is still young,??? he said. 

Click here for the full article


J. Crew Spring Presentation: Opposites Attract

by WWD Staff


In an upbeat presentation, J. Crew??™s Jenna Lyons started with a Hockney-inspired palette of neutrals with pops of neons. She applied this to looks rooted in counterpoint: whimsically ruffled and otherwise embellished pieces juxtaposed with boyish military-inspired outerwear. For the most part, the contradiction worked like a charm, even if one or two looks felt overstyled.


Frank Muytjens??™ men??™s lineup offered classic pieces in unexpected combinations. A dinner jacket with satin lapels, for example, was shown with distressed jeans, and an oilcloth fireman??™s jacket was paired with white jeans and a skinny tie. ???We??™re mixing dressy with utilitarian,??? said Muytjens, J. Crew??™s vice president of men??™s design. ???The inspirations are familiar but in a different context.??? 

On the financial front, J. Crew said Thursday its third-quarter profits would rise to 54 cents to 59 cents a diluted share, ahead of the 30 cents to 33 cents previously projected. The update drove J. Crew??™s stock up 15.2 percent to $43.49 Thursday.


Click here to view the full slideshow


Stefanel Unveils New Store Concept


stefanel-storeMILAN ??” After boosting the design, quality and image, Stefanel has unveiled the last step in its repositioning plan ??” a new store concept. 

The blueprint was revealed last week during the opening of a new outpost in Frankfurt. 

???Stefanel is going through a real and proper revolution aimed at repositioning the brand in the ???simple luxury??™ segment,??? said Giuseppe Stefanel, chairman of the brand. ???We feel we have intervened heavily on multiple fronts but always in the respect of a brand that has a 50-year-old heritage.??? 

Knitwear, the company??™s core business, now offers snazzier designs, partially thanks to capsule collections codesigned with young talents such as the British duo Cooperative Designs. More high-quality yarns, including cashmere, are being used, and 90 percent of Stefanel??™s production is done in Italy. 

The ad campaigns are now in the hands of Mario Testino, who will photograph Daria Werbowy for the spring ads. 



by WWD Staff

ROCKING FASHION: In New York, style hounds with a passion for music and fashion can head to Openhouse Gallery in NoLIta for Rock N Shop. Beginning tonight with a VIP party and continuing Saturday and Sunday, when the event is open to the public, Rock N Shop offers emerging bands alongside brands that are anything but mainstream. The event is like a concert crossed with a sample sale held in a pop-up shop. Indie bands such as Audio Fiction, A Fragile Tomorrow, Lead Pipe Cinch, Nikki Kelly and Paperdoll will perform as consumers scour racks of Antik Batik, By Malene Birger, Elizabeth & James, Gryphon, Haute Hippie, Lewis Cho, Mike & Chris, Notify Denim, Pink Tartan and Yumi Kim. Rock N Shop is produced by Brand, a pop-up event marketer founded by Nancy Berger, who spent 20 years in the fashion industry working for Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino. A portion of the proceeds of Rock N Shop will be donated to VH1 Save The Music.

CHAMPAGNE WISHES: Christian Louboutin made a brief stop Thursday at New York??™s Plaza Hotel to show off his latest collaboration. The accessories designer teamed with French Champagne house Piper-Heidsieck on Le Rituel ??” a special holiday package containing a bottle of bubbly and a crystal flute in the shape of a Louboutin heel, designed by the stiletto maestro himself. The partnership was inspired by an old ritual dating back to Belle Epoque Paris, when cabaret dancers would fill their shoes with Champagne to pass around for all of their male idlers to sip. Retailing for $500, Le Rituel is available at Colette in Paris, and hits select Neiman Marcus stores in November. Louboutin will celebrate the launch in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, beginning in Hollywood on Nov. 5. He also directed a 3-minute film on the concept, airing online at

Click here to read all of today’s Fashion Scoops

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Up Close With TalkingShopping’s Maryal Miller


If you’ve ever wanted to combine your love of shopping into an honest to goodness job, then Maryal Miller should make you jealous.  Practically fresh out of the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State, Maryal went hunting for a place to hang her proverbial hat.  After going on a gazillion interviews with tons of random publications, Maryal stumbled across a writing position at MagicDust Television.  “When I came in for an interview and they explained the concept, I said right away, ‘Yep, this is me. I’d be perfect for this. This is my dream job!’”  And through her persistence and unrelenting enthusiasm, Maryal found herself reporting for TalkingShopping, a “new” company venture founded through MagicDust.  “Our parent company, MagicDust Television… they’re really tuned into the major evolution that’s going on right now in journalism.”

What is TalkingShopping?
It’s a shopping news site.  We report on anything and everything that’s going in the world of shopping, be it shopping for apparel, home decor, food, toys, items specific to moms, items specific to kids, celebrity shopping news, eco-friendly shopping, shopping for tech items, holiday shopping, deal hunting, shopping for health items and so much more!

We always try to keep our reporting as objective as possible, but there’s a part of TS that also has a lot of our writers’ personalities infused into it – we LOVE to crack jokes.  We really want to make our readers feel like they have a connection here on the site.  And of course, in a tumultuous economy like this, we really want to be a place that women can go to make their shopping lives easier, more efficient and nice to their bank accounts.

I noticed that the TS site is like a blog, but it’s more.
Our site was created in the blog mentality because we think that a blog is a forum that’s easy for women to sift through!  We’ve got SO much information for our readers to discover – they could stay on the site for days and still find new, exciting things that they haven’t seen before!  Another really amazing component of the site is the video we do – we have video and production capabilities unlike any other shopping sites out there, which makes TS extremely unique.

TalkingShopping's Maryal


TalkingShopping's Cristina


TalkingShopping's Liz


TalkingShopping's Kailen


You ladies seem to have a lot of fun. What are the perks of working for TS?
The girls at TS are all so different with these gigantic personalities – which we’re pretty sure was a deliberate move on our editors’ parts!  We all have hard news reporting backgrounds and foundations, which make us great journalists, but I think we all also yearned for more than the daily grind of hard news reporting.  What’s even more unique and what I think has also been extremely vital to our success is that we’re not just co-workers or just reporters or just writers – we’re friends.  Every month we have a TS girls night where we decide on something fun to do together like dinner, movies, mani/pedis, wine night, etc., and that’s just our way to let loose and keep the “chemistry” alive.

Did you have a fashion or marketing background, or you just like to shop?
My degree is in print journalism, but I can say that although I really kicked it into high gear as far as my education was concerned in college, since I was in middle school, I spent my nights avoiding any and all studying and homework and flipping through the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle.  I’ve always had a passion for fashion and have always loved the creative process.  I was in the honors college at ASU and for my senior thesis, I created my own magazine for college women with a huge focus on fashion.  To say the least, I was one of the more “out there” thesis projects when we presented on graduation day, and I felt kinda lame next to the kid who pretty much found a cure for a disease for his thesis, but I didn’t care – I loved it and to me, it was real and innovative!

ts-vid-interview1What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to do for TS, or while on an assignment?
The craziest thing I’ve ever had to do is call up Sarah Palin’s makeup artist and BEG her for an interview.  She hadn’t done any interviews while she was on the campaign trail and we wanted to get her first!  I was so nervous and didn’t think we even had a chance, but once I got her on the phone, she was so nice and agreed to the interview right away!  I’m so glad I sucked it up and made the call because it was definitely worth it.  She was an awesome interview.  Interviewing Whitney Port at MAGIC in Vegas a few weeks ago was pretty crazy too – in the middle of the show floor and all the madness, it was nuts, but again, well worth it!

What is your fantasy outfit?
Gowns, stilettos, lavish jewelry, the works.  When I think of an amazing fashion spread I’ve seen that will forever stand out in my mind, my top pick has to go to the Kirsten Dunst/Marie Antoinette spread in Vogue right after the movie came out.  Per-fec-tion.  Annie Leibovitz shot that in Paris and for me, it doesn’t get more beautiful than that.  If I had one getup to don on the last day of my life, it’d be a Carolina Herrera or Vera Wang gown, some gorgeous, embellished pair of Manolos (not a Loubs girl) and Neil Lane jewels.  I guess I’m kind of whimsical!

What are some of your favorite jeans to wear and why?
When it comes to denim, I’m about as picky as they come.  In terms of style, I love a straight leg for day and a cigarette jean when I’m out on the town.  I love a good vintage-esque high-waist too, especially if it has some sort of tie in the front.  That’s awesome.  The back pockets of jeans are really important to me, too.  I’ve always had a boyish, thin figure so a button-flap pocket that adds some “junk in the trunk” is where it’s at for me.  Hudson is hands down my fave denim brand – they’ve perfected the art of denim design in my eyes and the price points are always reliable and reasonable.  Seven is so classic and I love that.  They know what they’re doing and have a great repertoire of washes!  They’ve got a style in their arsenal for every female figure. They’re undeniable.  I’ve also got my eye on William Rast – JT’s on to something there, but I think they’ve got a little room to grow.  Once they perfect their denim pieces, I’m all over it.  And do I even need to explain why Current/Elliott is amazing?  Pricey, but nonetheless amazing.

What do you think will be the hottest fashion piece this summer?
Hands down, the Grecian goddess sandal in a sweet, brushed metallic leather, like blush or pale gold.  It’s a must this spring and summer.  J.Crew and Dolce Vita have got some amazing options this season on that front.

Anything new that folks should be looking out for on the TS site?
Our newsletter is coming out very soon so if you want to see exclusive steals and deals, highlight stories and what we’re lusting after right now, readers should definitely sign up!  There’s going to be tons of awesome surprises in there for everyone – we’re really excited about it!  We’re also working on a huge “deals and steals” component for the site where readers can specifically go to see a whole world of sales, etc., everyday that are happening in every category of shopping that we cover!  Oh, and we also just added our new “Show us Your Stuff” component to the site, where readers, fellow bloggers and shopping aficionados everywhere can send us pics of their outfits or items they’ve recently purchased and include the price, where they got it, etc.!

Click here to visit TALKINGSHOPPING

Kathy Ng Hassan

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