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Gamine Workwear: Raw Denim and Workwear for Women


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Wish It Was Denim: Caribbean Queen Banded Strapless Dress

It happens every once in a while. We see a deep blue garment, tailored and seamed with hardware and a crisp fit, and we want so badly for it to be denim. Sometimes it is, sometimes it ain’t. But this time, we had to blog it anyway. The Queen of the Caribbean strapless dress is a playful, sexy option for summer nightlife outings that your friends won’t soon forget. The careening zipper seams and tiered contours will lend a powerful edge to your figure. Top it off with a crocheted shawl some blinding white sandals, or a floppy hat and sheer cardigan.┬áIt may be latex and poylester, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend! You can score this beauty for $106 at Tobi.


—DT Staff

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Posted Jul 25 2011 in Denim Buys
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