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From Refinery29: Seven Ways to Wear Denim Now

Refinery29 Spring Denim Trends

You probably saw this coming, but a bevy of spring denim looks are popping up everywhere.  Glory be, if more tastefully-done denim (not just chambray) dresses make it out to retailers in the coming months.  I’ve already seen some lovely Acne/Lanvin 2010 reveals.  Yummers!  And, what makes this year different in the world of accessorizing your fave denim looks, is, the shoes aren’t getting any smaller.  They may be phasing out large vehicles like The Hummer, but super-sized shoes aren’t going away anytime soon.  Haven’t they injured enough girls on the runway yet?

My Pick: Acne/Lanvin 2010 Ruched Shoulder Dress.

Acne/Lanvin 2010 denim dress.

Acne/Lanvin 2010 denim dress.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

From Refinery29:

Spring Denim Trends: 7 Ways To Do Jeans Now

By: Christene Barberich & Connie Wang

We don’t need a new season or trend to be reminded of how much we love our jeans. And if you’re like us, you have your brand, your cut, and your size down to a science. But given this spring has revealed a whole new spectrum of blues, chambrays, and denim reinventions, we wanted to explore the latest jean pool a little more deeply. From patchwork to the denim dress, we’ve sized up the only kind of blues to give in to this spring??”styling tips included.  Click here to read more.

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Posted Apr 05 2010 in Denim Fashion » How to Wear It
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