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Nudie Jeans Celebrates Environmental Award & Reps Eco-Conscious Denim At Project

When Nudie Jeans Co. won the Bra Milj?val, AKA Good Environmental Choice award back in April, it was clear their presence as the top environmentally conscious denim brand in the industry was becoming a powerfully recognized standard. As more brands get wise to the earth and the footprints any mass-producing industry leave behind on the planet, Nudie is making big strides to educate and outfit their customers. We met Ruari of Nudie at PROJECT where he told us a bit about their repair, reuse, reduce campaign. Check out our video and photos below.



—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jul 19 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand

Nudie Jeans Given Environmental Award

Swedish denim maestros Nudie Jeans are setting a strong example today after being awarded the Bra Milj?val, AKA Good Environmental Choice award for their second hand denim collection. They operate in a system where customers who leave old jeans on the table when buying new ones, receive a discount. That old denim is then re-used for future products. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Nudie’s Comments? “We at Nudie know it?s possible to work with fashion and good quality while aiming towards more sustainable consumption. In addition, we want to make it easier for consumers to extend the life of their garments.”

Congratulations, Nudie! May many companies follow in your steps.

—Denim Therapy Staff

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Posted Apr 01 2011 in Denim News
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