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Bollywood in Denim

You’re The One from ALADIN (2009)
(A better-quality promo version can be found here.)

Folks who know me well, know of my love of Bollywood movies.  For some reason, the pulsing rhythm, spontaneous song and dance numbers, and even the soothing Bhangra beat puts me in a good mood.  As beautiful as the traditional clothes are, I was never impressed with the modern attire, especially the jeans in the gangster and action movies.  Baggy, acid-dyed, bleached and ripped jeans were front and center before they were recently revamped and made trendy once again by Hollywood’s elite.  Sure, I often saw movies that were about 15 to 20 years out-of-date; but, the fashions seemed dated to me, until now.  Thanks to Aladin (2009), I have new faith in the continuation of Bollywood’s mainstream appeal.  Sri Lankan beauty, Jacqueline Fernandez, and the boyish Riteish Deshmukh, play a cute couple in this Bollywood version of Aladdin and The Magic Lamp.  All the single guys: you, too, can woo a Miss Universe.  Be still my heart! 


Kathy Ng Hassan


Posted Jan 30 2010 in Denim Fashion
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