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5 Points For Creativity! The Most Innovative Denim Booths At Coterie

When you’re up against hundreds (or even thousands) of other brands on the floor of a major fashion trade show, you gotta be creative. Even in the denim market alone, there was so much product to soak in at Coterie that your head starts to spin after a few hours. Vendors attempt to alieviate this by serving up free food, water, wine, etc. But some of them take a different route to stand apart and attract even the most worn-out passer’s-by. Creative booth designs! We rounded up five denim brands that used our favorite cotton twill to their advantage when designing their trade show space.

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1. AG Jeans

AG Jeans had a massive booth with two front doors. It was the closest thing to visiting a full boutique. The outside walls were lined with miniature replicas of their jeans—too adorable not to stop and look at! Check out the photo below of a phone next to one pair, to get an idea of how small they were.

ag-joes-jeans-big-star-mavi-cult-of-individuality (5)


BIGSTAR’s booth was constructed of a thick textured substance that, upon closer observation, you realized was squares of denim cut out and stacked up to create huge walls. A whole lot of effort must have gone into putting that baby together (and we think we know who we’re going to donate some old jeans to now).

3. Mavi Jeans

If you needed to take a load off (we were in killer heels, for instance), you could have made a pit stop at the Mavi Jeans booth to sit down in one of their big half-circle cushioned chairs. They were made of patchwork denim, and while rugged looking, they were super modern and cool.

4. Cult Of Individuality

The denim gown on the mannequin at the Cult Of Individuality booth certainly lived up to the brand’s name. It was haphazardly assembled using different washes and hues of denim (full jeans, even) and the bodice was adorned with a sleeveless denim vest. Wanna wear it to prom?

5. Joe’s Jeans

As if the mini-burgers and chandelier weren’t enough to make us want to spend the entire day in the Joe’s Jeans booth, they also had live mannequin models walking through the room in their latest styles (such as this glorious pair of leopard print skinny jeans belows).

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Sep 23 2011 in Denim Therapy
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