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A Peek Inside Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab

Take a peek inside Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab  (aka: where the magic happens) in a recent issue of Jean Stories, wherein Jonathan Cheung, SVP of global design, gives a VIP tour.

“You may not have heard of Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab – but if you love jeans, you should know about it. From the outside, it’s an unassuming brick building in San Francisco’s Embarcadero. On the inside, though, magic happens. Here, the prototypes for new denim developments that shape not just the Levi’s we live in, but the entire industry – from washes, to treatments, to advances in sustainability – are made.” (See more)

Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab

Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab

Levi’s Eureka Innovation Lab

See more denim-porn and read the full interview with Jonathan Cheung at Jean Stories.

—DT Staff

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Capsule Visits The Naked & Famous Denim Factory

Here’s a cool look behind the scenes at the Naked & Famous denim factory in Canada, via Capsule:

The Naked and Famous team have been part of the Capsule Show family for as long as we can remember. A family-run business itself, Naked & Famous denim is all made in Canada in a factory that’s been in the family for decades. “My family has been manufacturing workwear for over 60 years in Canada, and this factory is a testament to our commitment to keeping domestic production alive and thriving,” explains owner Brandon Svarc.  “We have many old sturdy machines from the 1950s and 60s, all made from metal with no plastic parts. We even have a rare Union Special 43200G bulldog chain-stitching machine which is Made in USA but we had to track it down from a machine seller in the countryside in Japan!”

denim-factory-naked-and-famous (1)

denim-factory-naked-and-famous (1)

denim-factory-naked-and-famous (1)


Read the full post.

—DT Staff

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Q&A With OPENMARKET Menswear Denim Brand’s Kevin Chen

The guys in our office recently became fans of the menswear denim brand OPENMARKET and reviewed a pair of red skinny jeans and dirty-mint skinny jeans accordingly. Launched by designer Kevin Chen, OPENMARKET is all produced, manufactured and designed in LA. We had a chance to ask Kevin some questions and get the behind-the-scenes on what makes this brand unique.

Denim Therapy: Let’s start from the beginning. What inspired you to get this brand off the ground?

Kevin Chen: I’ve always been inspired with all things old and new and I think a lot of that has to do with my affinity with flea markets (like Rose Bowl. It has a lot to do with rediscovering old ideas, and seeing if we can reinvent them. It’s from these experiences coupled with my creative design instincts that I felt I wanted to create a brand  that could facilitate old ideas into modern ones. That is the premise of OPENMARKET: a collection that puts new meaning to MODERN work wear.

DT: How do you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of popular denim brands afloat right now?

KC: We pride ourselves upon the fact that OPENMARKET is 100% made in USA, and not only does the collection comprise of our signature 6-pocket denim jeans, it also includes our uniquely oil-stained carpenters, henleys, Tees, chunky-knit sweaters, leather jackets, blazers, denim jackets, hooded/non-hooded sweatshirts in a multitude of fabrics.

All designs reflect a deconstructed approach to vintage work wear, re-engineered with a modern appeal. We like to believe that we extend beyond the traditional denim line, because our collection is multi-dimensional and offers many essential items. Even our denim is done in a non-traditional way (details like the 6-pocket design set them apart).

DT: Do you have any pre-designing rituals?

KC: I’m not sure if it would be called a “ritual”, but I do often research trends by people watching and make a mental note of what they’re wearing. From there I meet with my team and we search for vintage garments (often times at flea markets) that possess old work wear details, good for merging with unique and unexpected fabric.

It’s important to me that my designs are timeless and as the brand grows with each season, I want to add new silhouettes and colors that are modified from the original concept.

DT: Describe your ideal target customer.

KC: Our ideal target customer is a self-assured, confident, cultured, and well-composed man. He is artistic, athletic, and is that guy that is admired by his peers.  Not only does he have a good job, but he’s a humanitarian that actively participates in charitable causes. During his free time, he enjoys quality dining but can sensibly appreciate hole in the wall restaurants. He goes by the philosophy of working hard, and playing harder.

DT: What would be your dream collaboration?

KC: In the future, I would like to collaborate with a great footwear company. I want OPENMARKET to have a diverse product line that will dress someone from head to toe.

DT: What are the most popular washes/fits in the line? What are your favorites, and how would you style them?

KC: A few of my favorite pieces is the K8-Grey Herring Carpenter pants, O3-Dk Indigo Raw Blazer, O4-Burgandy Leather Moto Jacket, and our ultra plush O6-Black Alpaca Wool cardigan sweater. I like pairing my bottoms with blazers for a more dressed up look, and when I’m doing a casual look, I like wearing it with a basic t-shirt accompanied with some loafers.

DT: Do you have any favorite/least favorite denim trends right now?

KC: I like that trends are leaning towards a cleaner cut with simpler details. What use to be a market full of logo-centric designs has taken a more subtle approach. However, I do think that in the men’s market, bright and vivid colors will be on the rise. Men today seem to be open to colors. I think it has to do with wanting to diversify their wardrobes and express themselves.

I remember when wearing “pink” signified a man as being more fashion forward, but I do believe times have changed, and colors will be very inspirational. I also think that there will be a transition in their wardrobes as they begin to seek non-denim jeans… or should I say the look and feel of denim, but constructed with non-traditional fabrics.

DT: Street style and style blogs are huge in the industry right now as a source of inspiration, influencing the high-end labels rather than vice versa. How much does street style influence your designing?

KC: I take into account what is happening on the streets. There are a lot of distinct styles that I have seen in “streetwear” and I think it embodies a sense of “coolness” to it. When you look at the OPENMARKET collection, I’m sure you can see a lot of elements that are traditional yet modern, as well as street edgy. It’s important to keep in mind that street styles range from the inexpensive & chic to the lux & exclusive. The OPENMARKET collection will definitely encompass all these elements.

DT: How many pairs of jeans do you own?

KC: I own way too many jeans and too many that I call my favorite. But I’m going to be honest, my two most favorite pairs right now is OPENMARKET K1-6 pocket jeans in Dark Orange, and the K8 Carpenter pant! These two pairs have been on serious rotation for me. Both great washes with amazing fit!

DT: Can you give us hint about what’s next?

KC: Denim tops with non denim bottoms, and of course, a lot of colors.

Keep up with OPENMARKET online!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Inside Denim Manufacturer Edwin Japan’s Well-Oiled Methods

What happens when denim manufacturers go above and beyond systematic manufacturing and begin engineering and customizing their machinery over time as a result of studying improved methods of creating their product? Aside from adding a bit of “artist” into their “engineer” titles, they begin to produce some of the most coveted denim on the market. Such is the case with Edwin Japan, a 35-year-old brand and manufacturer that are increasingly sought out by other brands as the step one source for their own jean products.



The video below is a gorgeous mood board and behind-the-scenes look at some of the mechanisms and workers that make it all happen. This is a must-watch.

Japan from Edwin Europe on Vimeo.

You can check out Edwin, famous for their 503 Jeans, which launched in 1997 and have maintained prominent in their line, at the Edwin website (Japanese).

Video sourced from Tenue de Nîmes.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Denim Dose: News & Links

Welcome to your morning dose of denim news, links, sales, and other irresistible glimpses of inside info. Catch up on what’s happening (and what’s definitely not happening) and browse our personal picks after scanning the web this morning. Got a tip you think we should include, a sale you want to share, or a style you just saw and can’t live without? Email us!


1. Heddels kicked off the new year by celebrating the top denim fades of 2011. You’ve heard of food porn, we assume? It’s sort of like that, but with jeans.

2. The Denim Guy set out in search of the perfect denim iPhone case, and seems to have found one he approves of at last, for a mere $22!

3. Remember Rihanna‘s sultry denim bikini photoshoot? The outtakes are pretty hot.

4. Here are some ESD’s favorite denim trends of 2011. Which ones did you subscribe to?

5. Notify Jeans spring 2012 lookbook looks like a series of behind-the-scenes snaps by a curious intern (maybe that was the point?).

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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UNIONMADE Indigio Capsule Collection For Fall 2011

California-based menswear boutique UNIONMADE has produced what we would describe as a fully saturated lifestyle-oriented lookbook for their latest capsule collection, “Indigo”. The menswear spread features a curated selection of the boutique’s favorite brands and looks that were designed to showcase the indigo color and dye. Says the brand, “Indigo dyed goods are believed to carry a strength rooted in hard work and brings life to the cloth it saturates with a rich and vibrant blue”. Check out the gorgeous images below, and shop the collection here. You can also see behind-the-scenes photos of the shooting at the UNIONMADE blog.

unionmade indigio capsule collection

[nggallery id=699]

Images via We Are Selecters.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Guess Spring 2011 Campaign: Behind The Scenes

American fashion brand Guess is set to air its behind-the-scenes Spring 2011 campaign video on Saturday, January 15, 2011, online at and its YouTube Channel, GuessIncTV. Directed by world renowned photographer, Ellen von Unwerth, who shot the classic GUESS campaigns of the 1980s and 1990s including famed GUESS models Claudia Schiffer, Carr? Otis, and Eva Herzigova. The behind the scenes video features the stars of the campaign, Alyssa Miller, the face of GUESS Seductive; Elsa Hosk, Kate Upton and Silviu Tolu frolicking on the beaches of Malibu, California, as exhibited in these screen shots, below.



History dictates that there will be some denim pieces that will work nicely for Guess’ penchant for that Farmer’s Daughter vibe, or the 50s pinup girl in a denim halter top.  Its current campaign evokes a bit more Gidget than Betty Grable, but that’s okay.  You’ll also hear the hit single, “Illusions” by Mark Salling, from his debut album “Pipe Dreams.”  Mark Salling is in a “multi-tiered partnership” with the Guess brand, dating back to fall 2010. A thirty second video will be available this February during Fashion Week on Taxi TV.

All images courtesy Guess, Inc.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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