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One Teaspoon Wants Us to Resist, Revolt & Rebel For Spring 2012

Australian denim brand One Teaspoon is trying to push the boundaries a bit for their latest Winter 2012 campaign entitled, “Resist. Revolt. Rebel.”  Technically, Australia is entering winter, so this is the Spring campaign to us.  We’re just not sure what to think of their woodland photo shoot.  Punctuated by ghostly images and processed with tea stain filters, the edgy, rebellious vibe seems to indicate a new direction for the brand.  One Teaspoon is getting quite popular, thanks to online retailers like ASOS, who helped put this Australian brand on the map.  First known for their cute denim cutoffs (check out their ultra fringey shorts!), now they want us to believe their jeans are for badass girls.  Like their mantra indicates, “Stay Weird.”  We think mission accomplished.

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The collection is available at One Teaspoon online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Video: NEUW Denim Creative Director Par Lundqvist Talks Influence & History #nyfw

While we were hanging out in the NEUW Denim showroom last week we had a chance to chat with the brand’s creative director, Par Lundqvist, about the inspiration and beginnings of the line. Turns out there’s a lot more to this brand than meets the eye, and no one tells it better than the man himself! You’ll also see some serious dance moves. See the video below.


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Feb 15 2012 in Denim Fashion

NEUW’s Vintage-Inspired Jeans Bring Denim Back To Basics #nyfw

We stopped by Australia’s NEUW Denim showroom for a FW’12 preview yesterday and got schooled first-hand on what an awesome brand this is. One of three designers, Par Lundqvist, has a massive archive of almost 3,000 pieces of vintage denim. He uses them to establish foundations for the NEUW line, alongside every day denim “circumstances”. A metal ring is attached to the front left belt loop of each pair of jeans, because he once wore a wallet chain, which broke and left just a metal ring in its wake. After some time, it became a part of his jeans, and eventually part of the line.

Washes that emulate a field worker’s sun-bleached jeans (they stay dark blue beneath their belts) and denim that feels and looks like the crisp warm-air dryed jeans you pull off your laundry line in the summer are some of the anecdotal styles we saw. And while the washes are innovative, the inspiration is timeless: music, classic rock’n’roll, old school denim culture. The richly dyed men’s line could dress up James Dean or any of the early denim-clad stars of yesteryear (and they could effortlessly outfit today’s rock gods too).

The women’s denim line is a pretty direct counterpart of the men’s line, with colors and design details in place (a dart in the hem, for example).  They branch out with a woven-upholstery inspired motif with great texture and rich hues, and an entire sportswear line that screams “super pretty!” without being too distracting. See for yourself!

NEUW Denim fall 2012 nyfw

NEUW Denim fall 2012 nyfw  (12)

NEUW Denim fall 2012 nyfw  (3)

NEUW Denim fall 2012 nyfw  (20)

NEUW Denim fall 2012 nyfw  (14)

More photos below:

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Stay tuned for our video interview with designer Par Lundqvist!

Photos by Michelle Christina Larsen

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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