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Denim MVP brand Diesel‘s newest “Be Stupid” campaign attempts to free their target customer from societal normalcy with slogans like “You’ll create more,” and “You’ll care less” adjacent to images of  teenage kids doing edgy, ridiculous things in various urban landscapes.

They’ve set one “stupid” idea into motion after a contest that summoned likewise ideas from fans bearing the brand’s name. The winner, who imagined a modern reconstruction of Noah’s Ark, has enabled a mass of over 300 people to race on all fours in animal costume in London this week.


If you’re in the area, you can pre-register and be part of it. Anyone can go to the Diesel shops in Convent Garden or Carnaby Street to collect a “Free Race Kit”–winners of the race keep their costumes and the first 300 people across the finish line will be invited to the after party. We’re looking forward to photos from this event… In the mean time we’ll amuse ourselves with the campaign’s seemingly endless pool of stupid (or just blatantly sexual) situations.




News source: Dazed Digital; Image source – Diesel.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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