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American Racing Heritage Inspires Crimson Cross Denim #projectshow

Crimson Cross denim, presented at PROJECT by The Brooklyn Circus, is one rugged line of jeans. Inspired by vintage racecar driving heritage, their motto is “Denim + Sex + Fast Cars = Crimson Label” (to the point, no?) and they specialize in selvedge denim. They produce limited pairs of hand-finished jeans, each arriving in the customer’s hand with an “exclusive” membership card, allowing for access to future┬ácustomization. The trade show set-up was, like BK Circus, among the coolest. Check it out below.

crimson-cross-selvedge-mens-denim-project (2)

crimson-cross-selvedge-mens-denim-project (1)

crimson-cross-selvedge-mens-denim-project (4)

Check out Crimson Cross online and follow them on twitter.

Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Posted Jan 18 2012 in Denim Fashion » Denim Menswear » Reviews: Brand
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