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Denim Insider: Airess & Church – Never in Stores, Always in Style

Levi Straussberg from @airessandchurch on Vimeo.

The newest denim label to launch in 2010 is making great waves on Twitter. Known to many as @airessandchurch, Airess & Church are the first denim line to boldly go where no denim label has gone before: to launch strictly on social media word-of-mouth, if you will.  What’s more, there are no plans to acquire retail stockists, so you’ll be getting your A&C denim direct from them, hence the slogan: “Never in Stores, Always in Style.”

As far as I can tell, their jeans look super hot.  I love the indigo-saturated and tailored look to jeans, and Airess & Church won’t disappoint on that aspect. Featuring smooth lines and subtle detailing, one could go from work to evening to a twilight luau without changing out of their Airess & Church jeans.  But beyond the superficial front, the jeans are made from Egyptian long stem cotton, regarded as the best in the world, according to Airess & Church. 

Their Classic Edition Jeans just “landed stateside” recently, and they are already working as hard as elves in Santa’s workshop to get the latest denim and accessories ready for their early 2010 launch.  Yes, they will have shoes, handbags and eyewear, too!  The Web site is expected to launch in June, so stay tuned on Twitter for the latest events and updates.

Airess & Church image 2Airess & Church image 1









Check out Airess & Church on Twitter!  They run contests and giveaways for their followers, who can win free jeans.  Yippee! 


Kathy Ng Hassan


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