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The city of Eugene is lucky to have Chris Hayward-Mayhew. A fashion-forward mother and businesswoman, Chris and her daughter, Clarice, have owned the Due Donne Boutique in Eugene, Oregon for over three years now. With a deep understanding of the fashion world’s movements and trends, these two women have introduced extraordinary American and European designers that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.

“We don’t overlap with what other people are carrying,” Mayhew explains. “We want to do something different.”

And different is without a doubt part of what gives Due Donne its warmth and charm. Customers browsing for denim will never find any overplayed labels such as True Religion, Seven or Citizens of Humanity. Rather, they will be opened up to exquisite high-end designers such as Earnest Sewn, Red Engine, Blue Tattoo, Serfontaine, PRVCY, Agate Nectar, and Pink. Chris and Clarice pride themselves on carrying quality designers that will let their customers distinguish themselves from others in their threads.

dsc_3884“I like the change in fashion,” Mayhew contends. The whole idea behind Due Donne is to avoid following generic trends, to embrace a sense of confidence through chic, timeless pieces that speak to customers as individuals.

“If I start looking like everyone else, I don’t want to be wearing those pieces anymore,” Mayhew explains.

And with Agave Nectar’s higher rise, PRVCY’s ten percent donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation, and Serfontaine’s consistently soft fabrics and progressive cuts, the selection itself is diverse enough for any denim lover.

It comes as no surprise that Chris and Clarice can attribute their foundation of designer knowledge to years in the fashion industry. The two spent over a decade in Europe, with Clarice modeling for major publications and agencies throughout the world while Chris ultimately expanded her involvement in the fashion world to her own clothing line, importing luxurious European pieces all over the United States in Oregon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas and Dallas, among other locations.

due-donne1Today, the two women are settling into the new location they opened just nine months ago. The new Due Donne has brought in first-time visitors and new customers, giving more Eugene locals the opportunity to open their eyes to a fresh perspective on fashion.

“To me, fashion is art,” Mayhew says. “The way you wear your clothes is an expression of yourself.” Sitting on a warm, orange lounge chair overlooking the boutique’s denim selection, Mayhew is poised and comfortable with an indescribably inspiring sense of confidence that epitomizes the theories that she advocates.

It is simple enough to discover the denim lines that everyone is wearing, and the cut or style that may be popular with another group, but it speaks to a deep and true love of fashion to explore the possibilities. The world is an interesting place because it is full of interesting people like yourself. Due Donne is just here to help you embrace it.


Saara Lankarani

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