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Acne Paper Magazine Launch Brings Out the Artsy and Fashionable

How cool is that?  A denim brand has their own magazine.  You can pick up a copy at many book stores and newsstands, but if you’re having trouble finding a copy, which retails at US$10, you can also purchase it online or subscribe at an annual rate of US$16.  Read more about Acne Paper here…

From Refinery29:

Downtown Fashion Crowd Come Together For Steamy-Hot Eroticism Issue Launch


If there ever floated around a myth that New York City is where the people are fashionable and the apartments are like closets, then last night’s Acne Paper launch party confirmed it as fact. True, it was held at the Acne studio space in SoHo rather than somebody’s house, but the atmosphere was decidedly intimate and homey: The Opening Ceremony kids hugged like family, the art gallery curators mixed and mingled and air-kissed, and everybody crowded around and squeezed past each other to see the latest issue of Acne Paper, which had a steamy, erotic slant. Read the full article…

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted May 22 2009 in Uncategorized
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