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Is Chimala Denim Really Worth Over $400?

“Chimala creates its look by pursuing the best fabrics of the highest quality and by obtaining the most sophisticated skills in production from the finest Japanese artisans.” …But does that justify a shirt that’s $425 and a pair of jeans at $418? Perhaps it does. Each piece is created in Japan by expert denim artisans and “expert tailors”, who craft and distress with unique approaches.  The name Chimala means “beauty” in Native American tongue, and we can’t disagree there. The brand was featured recently in Madewell’s Looks We Love feature for denim, and the vintage charm and luxe look of the denim pieces present nearly overwhelms with “I need this for fall”. While not everyone can budget in one of these gems, the outfits in these features will give you a heads up for fall styling.

chimala denim expensive japanese madewell


—DT Staff

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Posted Sep 02 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand
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